Lockers, and Towels

Locker Improvements Starting Spring 2022

As you know summer is a time to make improvements around campus.  We are excited about a renovation happening this summer to the Men’s Public Locker Room space in the lower level.  The renovation will include adding personal shower stalls, adding a private faculty/staff locker and changing area, and freshening the entire space with updates to paint, floor coverings, and lighting. During the renovation period (May-August 2022) the locker room will be closed. 

Locker Rentals

The Fieldhouse, Kelly Family Sports Center, and Recreation Center have lockers available for faculty/staff, students, community members, and/or drop-in users.  

  • Recreation Center Lockers are for Day-Use only (free for the day) and have a multi-user lock system. 
    • If using a day-use locker, please remember to take your belongings with you upon leaving the facility.  
    • At the end of each night belongings which have been left behind in day-use lockers will be put into Lost & Found.
  • Locks can also be rented for the day with a valid I.D. at the Recreation Center Welcome Desk with no charge or purchased for $6. 
  • Within the centrally located locker rooms you will find day-use lockers, which are free for the day, or lockers which can be reserved per semester (reserved lockers are only available in the Fieldhouse Complex*).
  • Reservable lockers range in size and price which are shown to the right on this page.

Fieldhouse Public Locker Room Locker Options

Locker Size


Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)

Price (Per Semester)


Men's & Women's Fieldhouse Locker Room

34" x 10" x 11"



Women's Fieldhouse Locker Room

70" x 10" x 11"



Men's & Women's Fieldhouse Locker Room

58" x 14" x 17"


Day-Use Locker

Recreation Center



Athletic and Recreation Facilities Management is not liable for any lost or stolen belongings within our facilities.

Please lock up your belongings when possible.  


In addition to lockers, the Recreation Center and Kelly Family Sports Center also contain small cubbies made available to drop in users with limited belongings. In the Recreation Center these are located near the basketball courts outside of the Fitness/Wellness Center.  Within the the Kelly Family Sports Center they can be found directly at the bottom of the stairs leading to the track and turf.  Cubbies in the Kelly Family Sports Center do not have the ability to lock**



Hand Towels

  • Hand towels are available at the Recreation Center Front Desk.
  • Users can check out a hand towel, free of charge, by providing a valid GV I.D. or current membership card.

Large Towels

  • Large towels are available at the Recreation Center and the Kelly Family Sports Center.
  • Users may check out a towel by turning in a valid I.D. (GVSU-issued faculty/staff/student I.D.) or current membership card.  
  • A semester towel service fee is $10.
  • Daily-use fee is $1 (if you did not purchase the semester pass).
  • Semester and day use towel service can be purchased online.
  • If you purchase a semester towel pass you will receive a small sticker that is to be placed onto your GVSU issued ID. From that point forward just show your sticker and you will be able to rent out large towels with no further fees. 

Towel Size

PRICE (Per Semester)


Hand Towel


With Valid GVSU I.D.



The Recreation Center
The Recreation Center
The Recreation Center

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