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Students enrolled in any of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies' (SIS) programs are strongly encouraged to consult the websites for their specific program (linked at the right or via the "Programs" menu at top of the header on this page). Each of those sites contains valuable information for students that is tailored to those programs. This site is intended to serve as a general resource for all departmental students for assistance in locating department-wide information or university forms or resources.

Students are always encouraged to contact the SIS main office with questions. We are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. throughout the calendar year, with the exception of university holidays. We are here to help you!


Tools and Resources:

A great place to find the answers to many of your questions is the Registrar's Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally, the Division of Student Affairs maintains a list of Student Resources.

The GVSU Registrar's Office is an important resource for all GVSU students. The Registrar’s Office  is broken up into different units: Student Assistance Centers, Records, Auditing, Transcript Specialists, and Registration. Their site includes a link to the university's student forms library, an extensive list of resources to meet a whole variety of academic needs. The site also includes links to the academic calendar for current and upcoming semesters, including key dates such as add/drop/withdraw deadlines and tuition payment information.





There are a wealth of opportunities to take on a faculty-mentored research opportunity or internship opportunity as part of programs in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, whether you are learning face-to-face on any of our Allendale/Grand Rapids or regional campuses, or you are learning online. 

Online students enrolled as part of LEADS or based on the regional campuses in Traverse City, Detroit, and/or Battle Creek are strongly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities (including some that are funded) through the SMART Lab, a partnership between Brooks College and the Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement. For more information, contact Dr. Max Counter, SMART Lab Director.

Many opportunities are also available to work one-on-one with faculty within the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, too. Take a look at the faculty/staff directory and feel free to email any of the faculty whose work looks interesting to you. Majors and minors are strongly encouraged to contact the program director who oversees their major or minor program. Those contacts include:

  • Dr. Majd Al-Mallah - Global Studies & Social Impact Majors and students enrolled in GSI- prefix courses
  • Dr. Meghan Cai - East Asian Studies Minors and students enrolled in EAS- prefix courses
  • Dr. Denise Goerisch - Integrative Studies Majors and INT-, US-, and/or IDS- students
  • Dr. Laurence José - Digital Studies Minors and DS- students
  • Dr. Chad Lingwood - Middle East Studies Minors and students enrolled in MES- prefix courses
  • Dr. Jakia Marie - African & African American Studies Minors and students enrolled in AAA- prefix courses
  • Dr. Julia Mason - Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Majors and Minors, LBGTQ Minors, and WGS- students
  • Dr. Amy McFarland - Environmental & Sustainability Studies Majors and Minors, Sustainable Food Systems Certificate students, and students enrolled in ENS- prefix courses
  • Dr. Santos Ramos - Leadership & Business Fundamentals Majors, Professional Innovation Majors, Intercultural Competence & Communication Certificate or Badge students, Leadership Certificate students, and students enrolled in ITC- prefix courses
  • Dr. Andrew Schlewitz - Latin American Studies Minors and students enrolled in LAS- prefix courses
  • Marie Burnside, M.A. - Religious Studies Minors and students enrolled in REL- prefix courses
  • Dr. Brian Johnson - Human Rights Minors and students enrolled in HRT- prefix courses



Some of the majors in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, like Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Integrative Studies, require that students complete at least two credits of an internship or practicum. Each of those programs has an extensive list of information about their internship/practicum programs, links that will help you locate an internship opportunity, as well as the application you will need to submit before starting your internship. If you have additional questions or need guidance, please contact the internship coordinator for your major:


Students enrolled in other majors or minor programs within the School of Interdisciplinary Studies may also earn academic credit to support applied learning experiences as internships or practicum in their programs. To learn more, contact the faculty program director or program coordinator for your academic program


Visit the Registrar's Form Library


Student Form Library


As you begin your last semester prior to graduating with your degree - or completing the final requirements for your certificate -- it is important to submit an application for graduation as well as an application for any certificates or badges that you may have earned. These forms should be completed and submitted after you are enrolled for any remaining courses necessary to receive your degree. For undergraduate and graduate students, the application for graduation from GVSU can be found via the Registrar's Forms website. These forms can be downloaded, completed, and submitted in hard copy or they can be submitted online via a secure site that requires your GVSU login. 

Students enrolled in the ITC Badge Program will also need to complete an application to receive that credential. The digital badge can be awarded whenever you successfully complete all requirements and does not require completion of any degree program or other coursework. To receive your badge, please contact Dr. Santos Ramos, Director of the Leadership & Professional Innovation Programs.  Dr. Ramos will then confirm you have met the requirements and your digital badge will be issued to you. Please remember that you will need to respond to the notification that is sent to you in order to "claim" your badge and begin using that credential as part of your dossier, LinkedIn site, or other application-related materials.

If you are curious to learn more about certificates and badges, please visit GVSU's "Level Up" site that explains more about how these credentials can add value to your degree or help you take your learning to the next level. 

Acclaim by Credly is the badging platform that is used to store, display, share, and manage digital badges. Acclaim alerts individuals who meet the established criteria via email with instructions on how to accept the badge. The instructions include information about creating an account with Acclaim. Once accepted, the badge will be publicly available on your profile. If preferred, you can change the visibility of a badge from public to private. Acclaim displays not only the badge icon but provides additional metadata that describes the accomplishment and the criteria that the earner was required to meet. Acclaim is free to use and it makes it easy to share badges with individuals and post to personal websites or social media platforms such as LinkedIn. For technology support, please visit the Acclaim Help Center. For helpful guidance on displaying your badge in LinkedIn, visit this Acclaim article for details.


Before requesting a recommendation from one of your faculty members, you should be sure to complete a FERPA Release of Information Form.  This form is required before federally protected information about your academic history and performance can be shared with individuals outside of the university. 



Are you struggling in one or more of your classes? Wondering whether or not you are on track to successfully graduate? Or just have general questions or concerns? Your faculty and professional advisors want to talk to you.

All students majors in any of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies major programs are assigned to a faculty advisor at the point they declare their major. Your professional advisor is your best resource for questions about grades, academic assistance, or finalizing your study plan. You are encouraged to email or call your faculty advisor directly. Or, if you are not sure who your professional advisor is or have an urgent question and would like to talk with any available advisor, please contact the Brooks College Advising Center by phone or email at [email protected]. You can easily make an appointment online via their website, too.

Everyone should meet with their professional advisor at least once per year. Many students find it helpful to meet with their advisor in January-February, prior to registering for classes for the next academic year (spring, summer or fall). However, you are encourage to meet with your faculty advisor whenever it makes sense for you or you have questions or even just to stop in and say "Hi."

The following provide direct links to the professional advisors for each of our programs/campuses 


There are several situations in which a student may need to request a registration override permit to enroll in a course. Some examples include:

  • Prerequisites for the class have not been met.
  • There are no seats available because the class is full, you have joined the waitlist for the class, but you believe you have a compelling reason to request an override. The instructor or department may or may not grant the request to join a class that is already at capacity, though it's still worth inquiring.
  • A permit is required to register for Internship, Practicum, and Independent Readings courses.

Follow these instructions for submitting a registration override permit.

The student will receive a confirmation email informing them whether or not the request was approved or denied by the department. If approval was granted, this does not automatically register the student in the course. Usually, the student must then manually enter the CRN in Banner to add the class to their schedule. Within Banner under “Register for Classes,” the first menu item at the top is “Find Classes;” the next menu option to the right is “Enter CRNs.” The student will go to “Enter CRNs” and then type the specific CRN to add the class to their schedule.

Questions or issues encountered along the way may be directed to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) main office at [email protected] or 616-331-8020. Please note that SIS processes override permit requests only for courses offered within our School. We do not have access or authority to approve an override request submitted for a class taught in a different school/college. Specific questions about override requests for classes outside of SIS should be directed to the chair or director of that department. 


The GVSU Writing Center has resources to support both undergraduate and graduate students no matter whether you are based on the Allendale or Grand Rapids campuses or you are primarily taking classes in Traverse City, Battle Creek, or Detroit. In-person support with assignments, feedback on drafts, or general questions are available during drop-in hours or by appointment on the Allendale and Pew Campuses throughout the calendar year. Students based on the regional campsues or whose other responsibilities make it difficult to physically access these resources are encouraged to make use of the Center's Online Resources.  


Get to know your campus! No matter where you are located, GVSU Student Life offers a host of resources and opportunities to engage with fellow students, and make valuable professional and personal connections.


Transfer Resources provides specialized services to assist students who transfer to Grand Valley State University from other colleges and universities; these services include transfer advising and help with navigating the academic and cultural landscape of the university. Advisors are available to meet with students at a variety of locations across Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Detroit, and Battle Creek.


GVSU’s Veterans Network is committed to the continued success of our students and provides support for both current and prospective Lakers.  Our Veterans Network provides support for veterans, active service members and dependents in transitioning, successfully progressing to degree completion, and on to rewarding post-military careers.


The Department values diversity, equity, & inclusion. We also recognize that as a student you may be facing a range of pressures ranging from the financial to the interpersonal, medical, or familial. GVSU offers a range of support for students of all backgrounds to help you be your absolute best both inside and out of the classroom. 

We are committed to ensuring that our classroom spaces are safe, open spaces where students of all identities and backgrounds can be their authentic selves, explore new ideas, and learn together. This commitment extends to all members of our GVSU community including trans+ students, faculty, and staff.

Students are encouraged to make use of the resources that are available to them on campus, including:

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