The service windows at both our Allendale and Grand Rapids locations are open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday.

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Classes End

April 24

Exams and Semester Ends

April 26-May 1


April 30 and May 1

Payment Deadline for Spring/Summer Semester

April 30 by 5PM

Grades Due from Faculty

May 4 by noon

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All current students will be able to register on April 7th. #GVSU #GVSUReg

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Student Resources


Registration is how students sign up for courses. At Grand Valley, students can register for the full academic year.

Academic Records
Academic Records

The Registrar's Office assists students and alumni with transcripts, enrollment verifications, reverse transfer information, and any additional records request.


When you are nearing the completion of your program - usually the semester before you plan to finish your degree requirements - you must file an application for graduation.

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How can the Registrar's Office help me?

This video shares some of the services the Registrar's Office offers.

Electronic Transcript Request

This video will navigate students through the process of requesting an electronic transcript.

For other helpful and instructional videos please visit our video library.

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