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Job Title Organization Type Posted Expires
Safety Intern (56581) CSM Group Internship 5/8/18 8/3/18
Safety Consultant (56284) Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services Full-time Entry Level, Full-time Experienced 4/24/18 11/8/18
Legislative Internship (56089) Michigan House of Representatives Internship 4/17/18 1/31/19
Helpers (55717) Schepers Brothers Co Inc Full-time Entry Level, Off-Campus Part-Time (less than 30 hours), Off-Campus Seasonal/Temporary 3/30/18 8/31/18
Massasauga Rattlesnake Habitat Research Internship (55250) Kent County Parks Internship 3/9/18 9/30/18

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Internships provide supervised work experience through which students can relate environmental and sustainability studies principles, academic work, and practice. Credit is earned for internship participation by enrolling in ENS 490 (ENS Internship). Students seek out their own placement and can earn between 1 and 6 credits with 1 credit hour equivalent to 50 hours of work. The student, ENS Internship Coordinator, and site supervisor agree on the scope of the study, its components, and methods of evaluation.



See the course syllabus for ENS 490: Internship to review detailed requirements and expectations.


STEP 1: Find an internship

Contact organizations you are interested in interning with and form an idea of a project or the type of work you would like to contribute.

  • When approaching a company or organization, be sure you are able to articulate what you would like to get out of the internship as well as what you can contribute.
  • Some places and sites to check for leads are listed on the Volunteer and Internship Resources page.
  • Experience Matters! - - is a site where students write about their internship experience. While this is not an internship posting site, it does provide ideas of places and projects you may be interested in pursuing.
  • - - provides many opportunities with non-profit and grassroots organizations.

The State of Michigan is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. As of March 2017, students are allowed to participate in internships in any state.

Talk to your peers and faculty 

  • Your classmates who have already completed an internship can often make great recommendations and referrals for internships.
  • Many faculty members are connected within the community and may have ideas of potential internship sites.

Meet with a career advisor

  • Staff at the GVSU Career Center - - are happy to help you identify or prepare to apply for an internship opportunity. You can schedule a one-on-one appointment online at or by calling (616) 331-3311. Career Center staff also hold walk-in hours for 10-minute consultations on both the Allendale (STU 206) and Pew (101-B DEV) campus, Monday through Thursday, 11am-noon and 1-4pm.


STEP 2: Complete the online Internship Agreement Form

Login in to the GVSU Internship Management System at You will need to know your agency site supervisor’s contact information (name, email, phone, and address). You may request 1-6 credits for your internship with 1 credit hour equivalent to 50 hours of work. This includes time spent working at the internship, as well as time spent writing journal entries, a reflective essay, or fulfilling other requirements for internship credit. In the “Description of Internship” field, you’ll need to identify at least 3 key learning objectives for the internship that you and your site supervisor agree to achieve. Learning objectives should include the duties, responsibilities, and activities for meeting each objective. 

Examples of learning objectives:

  • Develop and advance thorough, professional, and culturally-competent patient/provider communication skills 
  • Learn to design staged plans of care for clients and staff members 
  • Produce spread sheets documenting levels of care for clients and staff members 

Meet with the ENS Internship Coordinator to review any additional requirements. Please note that you cannot access your form once it has been submitted. If you need to make changes to it, contact Dr. Kelly Parker, ENS Director, at


STEP 3: Register for ENS 490 

Once you have submitted your online Internship Agreement Form, it will be reviewed by your internship site supervisor and the ENS Internship Coordinator. After the ENS Director has approved your internship (based on the information provided in the Internship Agreement Form) you will receive an email indicating you are able to register for your internship “class,” ENS 490. Your section number will correlate with the number of credit hours you indicated on the Agreement Form. Your grade for the internship will be based on the work you turn in for the internship, as well as your site supervisor's evaluation. It is encouraged that you register for the internship course on a Credit/No Credit basis. The Credit/No Credit Request Form is available at  


STEP 4: Complete the internship 

There is no “class” to attend for ENS 490 - you will be learning on the job. 


STEP 5: Submit your ENS 490 assignments 

Evaluations: About 3 weeks prior to the end of the semester, you and your internship site supervisor will receive an email with a link to your online evaluation. Both of you must complete this evaluation, which is required to receive credit for the course. Other requirements and expectations are detailed in the ENS 490 Internship syllabus.

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