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Welcome to Replenish the GVSU on campus student resource.  While the Center for Women and Gender Equity is proud to have been home to the pantry since its inception in 2009, our staff could not be more thrilled to announce that Replenish has its own independent space in Kirkhof 0074. Open weekly 12pm-5pm. 

Replenish is the  food resource for all students who face financial obligations/struggles that compromise their food access.

Replenish, provides food and personal care items to meet the short-term challenges that students may face when unable to purchase such items.  Obtaining an adequate food supply is often a major component of financial stress and research has proven that inadequate nutrition decreases academic performance. 

How Replenish works

It's easy to access Replenish.

Simply come in with your current student ID and complete our intake form.  Once the form is complete you will be given a bag (unless you have your own) to use as you pick and choose the items you need.


More questions, call Sharalle Arnold at 331-2748.


Two Locations

Replenish Allendale Campus


KC 0074

12:00pm - 5:00pm Mon- Fri


Replenish Health Campus 


CHS 353

7:30am-9:00pm Mon-Thu 

7:30am-5:00pm Fri

Replenish: A food resource for students

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