Hardship Request

Apply for and request hardship funds here:  www.gvsu.edu/financialaid/hardshiprequest

A food resource

Replenish is now closed however, a few local resources are available: 

Ripple Effect (connected to Lifestream Church 6561 Lake Michigan Drive/Allendale) is open 2 days a week from 1pm-6pm on Mondays/Thursday and passes out free groceries.  The drive up operation is open to all and there is no need for ID or paperwork for qualification. Distribution is based on total number in household.

St. Luke Parish, at 10144 42nd Ave, Georgetown Tp, MI 49428  has groceries and also operates a monthly pantry.  The service is open daily, closing at 5pm.  However it is best to call ahead at, 616-895-2247, as things can change with little to no notice.


Should you have questions feel free to email Sharalle Arnold, Associate Director in the Center for Women and Gender Equity – and coordinator of Replenish, at arnoldsh@gvsu.edu.

Additionally, we understand that financial circumstances for some individuals and families will change and there may be new needs.

If you have special circumstances or if your financial situation changes, please contact the Financial Aid office.

Our staff will work with your individual circumstances.

Additional information can be found at:




Laker Meal Share Program


The Laker Meal Share Program helps support students in times of hardship by providing meals to meet immediate needs. Campus Dinning and the Dean of Students Office have teamed up to help create the Laker Meal Share Program. This program allows GVSU meal plan users to contribute guest meal swipes from their meal plan each semester. Contributed meals go into a pool that can be used to provide access to Campus Dinning for students who might otherwise go hungry.

Request a Meal

If you are in immediate need of a meal and don’t have an active meal plan, you are welcome to submit a request for meals starting February 25th, up until April 17, 2020. Upon completion of your request, someone from the Laker Meal Share program will review your request and may authorize a certain number of meals to your Student ID Card for use at Fresh Food Company. Approval and assignment is based upon need and availability of donated meals. Please note: Only currently-enrolled students are eligible for the Laker Meal Share program.

Submit a Meal Request

Meal swipes from meal plans are contributed by the campus community and given out on an as-needed basis. Contributions and requests are accepted during fall and winter semester. For the Winter 2020 semester requests can be placed up until Friday April 17th at 4pm by using the form below.

How Replenish works

It's easy to access Replenish.

Simply come in with your current student ID and complete our intake form.  Once the form is complete you will be given a bag (unless you have your own) to use as you pick and choose the items you need.


More questions, call Sharalle Arnold at 331-2748.


Two Locations

Replenish Allendale Campus


KC 0074

12:00pm - 5:00pm Mon- Fri


Replenish Health Campus 


CHS 353

7:30am-9:00pm Mon-Thu 

7:30am-5:00pm Fri

Replenish: A food resource for students

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