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Grand Valley offers the credentials you need to set yourself apart. From relevant undergraduate and graduate certificate programs to respected digital badges, we have what you need to expand your skills set and enhance your professional profile with a digital certificate or digital badge. Choose from the interest areas below to discover what online certificate program and digital badge opportunities are available for you. 

Badges and Certificates Explained

Badge: A badge is a digital verification of a microcredential, making it easily shared on social media platforms. A badge includes anywhere from 0.5 to 15 academic credits. They are an excellent way to expand your professional profile with a new skill or earn professional recognition for a skill you already possess and are posted to the academic transcript. You can see all of Grand Valley's digital badges on our Digital Badges page.

Certificate: A certificate is a record of achievement that recognizes a student's completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience. A certificate includes anywhere from nine to 18 academic credits and is posted to the academic transcript.


Pandemic safety, new education delivery models, and evolving specialties are changing the way educators teach and learn. We see those challenges as opportunities to grow, adapt, and thrive; a digital badge or online certificate from GVSU will help you do the same. Choose from one of the following to learn more.

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Whether it's complicated health care systems, new research opportunities, or patient responsibility, the way health care is taught and delivered is evolving daily. Now is an ideal time to consider our relevant and practical digital badges and online certificates in health care. Choose from one of the following to learn more.

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From big data to advances in cybersecurity, the way technology affects our lives seems to change at warp speed. It also creates advanced career growth opportunities. That's why our relevant and practical digital badges and online certificates in technology are so critical to being ready for whatever comes next. Choose from one of the following to learn more.

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Professional (Business and Administration)

In these ever-changing times, the skills and training needed to set yourself apart seem to be shifting faster than ever. From business to public administration and more, our online graduate programs make it easy to get the credentials you need to stay current or become a leader in your field. Choose from the following digital badges and online certificates to learn more.

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Are You a GVSU Alum?

When you became a Laker, you opened up a lifetime of learning, and now alumni like you can use your Laker Lifetime Learning (L3) account for classes that provide greater knowledge and new skills. Your account is waiting for you to use for future classes at GVSU. All you have to do is click on the button below to find out more.

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