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The SMART Lab introduces LEADS students to undergraduate research by supporting them to articulate innovative, researchable questions as part of General Education Foundations courses within the LEADS Program. 

As a SMART Lab scholar, you'll engage in practical, intensive research as part of a team, working collaboratively to identify a pressing social justice issue affecting higher ed students in general, and GVSU students in particular. The research you do will address some of our own pressing institutional needs, and the knowledge, skills, and experience you gain will reflect well on grad school applications, job interviews, or opportunities for career development and advancement. 

Doing in-depth undergraduate research is beneficial to you in so many ways. Through the experience, you're likely to gain:

  • a deeper connection to your student colleagues
  • greater confidence in your own academic abilities
  • library research skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • collaboration skills 
  • leadership experience
  • tangible evidence of your abilities

Conduct Research with a Mentor

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Throughout the research process, you'll learn how to be a researcher, how to work as part of a team, how to locate information, and how to apply what you learn to create something useful information for others. You'll be part of a community of scholars, and your research will be stored in ScholarWorks, GVSU's institutional repository, where it is findable and sharable on resumés, applications, and more.

Consider becoming a LEADS SMART Lab scholar today.

Page last modified March 23, 2023