Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of many commonly asked questions the Registrar's Office receives, to make any recommendations for additional helpful responses please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

When Grand Valley converted to the Banner system in 2006, a unique identifier was assigned to everyone (students, staff, vendors) affiliated with Grand Valley and it replaces all previous ID numbers. It is a "G" followed by eight numerical digits and has no meaning outside of campus.

Need your G number? Contact the Registrar's Office.

You will log in to your myBanner account using your Network ID and password. If you are unable to log in, you can contact the IT HelpDesk.

A replacement for your Grand Valley ID card may be obtained at any of the Student Assistance Centers in Allendale, Grand Rapids, Holland, or Traverse City. There is a $15 fee for each replacement card.

Grand Valley provides a free Gmail account for each student, and it is required that each student use it. Since Gmail is the official email provider for the university, that is where all Grand Valley communications will be sent. For more information on your Grand Valley email visit the HelpDesk.

To submit a legal name change, students must acquire a new social security card with their new name and submit it to the Registrar's Office with a completed Name Change Form.

To be identified by a professional, personal, preferred, display, or use name without making an official legal name change students, faculty, and staff may use the myName process. Our myName process updates Banner and some related systems and allows students, faculty, and staff to have such a name appear anywhere a legal name is not required.

To view any holds on your account, take the following steps: Login to myBanner; Select "Student"; Select "Student Records"; Select "View Holds".

Hold meanings and instructions on how to resolve a hold on your account can be located on our registration holds page.

Undergraduate: A dismissed student may apply for readmission after a period of one calendar year. Evidence of maturity and improved attitude toward academics as well as the written support of the student's academic advisor must accompany the application for readmission. Petitions to return are reviewed by the Academic Review Committee on a continual basis. Approval of a petition allows the student to enroll on a conditional basis, as stipulated by the committee. The academic standing for a readmitted student will be jeopardy of dismissal. 

Graduate: A degree-seeking or certificate-seeking graduate student may appeal. If the program does not have a published appeals process, the appeal shall be to the dean of the college in which the graduate program is housed. The student may appeal the decision of the dean of the college to the provost or the provost’s designee. The result of each appeal shall be reported to the Dean of The Graduate School. A nondegree graduate student may petition the Dean of The Graduate School for reconsideration of a decision. If such reconsideration is unsuccessful, the student may appeal the decision to the provost or provost’s designee.

A student who was previously enrolled in good standing at Grand Valley and has not attended for two consecutive semesters must submit a re-entry form or contact the Registrar's Office to update their records and have the re-entry hold lifted. 

Students are assigned a registration date based on their total credits, both earned and in-progress. Registration dates are typically placed on a student's account, and viewable in myBanner the week before registration begins. Students are able to register for courses at 7AM on their assigned date.

The registration calendar becomes available online in late-December. Registration begins in mid-March and carries through to early-April.

A student may repeat any course one time. When repeating a course, the most recent grade earned shall be the grade of record, but the grades of all courses attempted will remain on the student's official transcript. Note that W, AU, I, CR, and NC do not replace earlier grades. Students seeking an exception to the course repeat limit, and wish to retake a course for the second time, may submit a course repeat limit approval form.

Undergraduate students may elect certain undergraduate coursework on a credit/no credit basis (sometimes referred to as pass/fail). Students electing to take a course credit/no credit should be aware of the following:

  • A maximum of 10 semester hours of major, minor, or cognate courses within the major may be taken on a credit/ no credit basis only with the consent of the student's major department.
  • A maximum of 25 percent of a student's hours of Grand Valley courses earned to fulfill graduation requirements may be taken on a credit/no credit basis (Credit = C or above for undergraduate courses, Credit = B or above for graduate courses).
  • Courses that are graded CR/NC as the standard grading scheme (e.g. internships) do not count in the maximums stated above.
  • Approval is unnecessary if the course is an elective, a general education course, or a degree cognate.

Students who wish to take a course as credit/no credit must indicate their intent to the registrar by completing a Credit/No Credit Form during the first five class days of the semester. Changes from a grade to credit/no credit will not be allowed after the first week of the semester. This selection is irreversible.

Any student may register to take a course on an audit (or non-credit) basis, provided admission and course prerequisites have been met. Students who wish to audit a course must indicate their intent to the registrar by completing an audit form during the first five class days of the semester. Changes from credit to audit will not be allowed after the first week of the semester. Tuition costs for auditing a course are the same as taking it for credit. This selection is irreversible.

Students will receive an email sent to their Grand Valley Gmail email address when grades are final. Students are then able to login to myBanner to view their grades via the 'Student Records' menu. Students who need documented confirmation of their grades should request an official transcript.

Login to your myBanner account, click on Student, Student Records, and Change Major.

An incomplete is a temporary grade given for work that is lacking in quantity to meet course objectives. It may be assigned when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons generally beyond the control of the student prevent completion of the course requirements by the end of the semester. This grade may not be given as a substitute for a failing grade or withdrawal. Unless changed by the instructor, the I will be changed to an F (NC when appropriate) according to this schedule: fall semester incompletes- end of winter semester; winter and spring/summer incompletes- end of fall semester.

Enrollment verification certificates can be printed through myBanner to use when verifying enrollment to insurance providers or other organizations requiring proof of enrollment.  The certificate can be printed and then addressed to the recipient in the upper right-hand corner. More details about enrollment verifications can be found here.

Students who are enrolled at another institution and would like to take a class at Grand Valley should complete a Guest Application and submit it to their school's registrar's office. Grand Valley students should return their completed guest application to the GVSU Registrar's Office. Additional information can be located on our guest student and transfer credit page.

Grand Valley does not transfer in grades for transfer courses. However, courses transferred to Grand Valley may impact a student's GPA by way of replacing a grade previously earned while taking a course at Grand Valley. If a student transfers in a course that meets the repeat course policy, the previous grade would appear on the student's transcript, but be excluded from the GPA calculation.

Visit our Guest Students and Transferring Credit to Grand Valley page for more information.

If you've earned credits at another institution that you would like to have transferred to Grand Valley, you can contact that institution and request they send an official transcript to:

Registrar's Office 
150 Student Services
1 Campus Drive 
Allendale, MI 49401.

If the institution you attended sends electronic transcripts, you can request they send your official electronic transcripts to Grand Valley at:

Visit our Guest Students and Transferring Credit to Grand Valley page for more information.

In order to provide the most current information, the Grand Valley catalog is online at The online catalog dates back to 2005-2006; printed catalogs are also available at this link. If a course description prior to what is available online is needed, contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

DO NOT reveal your G number or passwords to anyone. Immediately change your initial myBanner password that you were given and change it again at least once a semester. When you are finished using myBanner, be sure to log off and exit.

Those students who do not desire the release of their directory information can complete a Request to Withhold/Release Directory Information Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

You may contact your VA representative by calling (616) 331-3327 or via email at . Additional resources can be found on the Veteran’s Network at

Building abbreviations can be found online in addition to a link to Grand Valley campus maps.

Course acronyms and their description can be located on our website.

Your advisor's information can be located within your myBanner under Student, Student Records, and View Major and Advisor information. We also have a quick tutorial to help you locate your advisor's information.

You can print your own Michigan Voter Registration Application or visit our voter registration page for additional info.