Promotional Policies

Banners and Outdoor Signs

Banners must be printed and hung by the Promotions Office for uniform size and appearance and range in price from $6.00 to $11.00 per linear foot. Banners can be hung at the Allendale Campus in the Kirkhof Center (2 per event) or at the Pew Campus in DeVos.

Outdoor Signage: Outdoor banners must be approved by Facilities. They are only allowed in two locations: the northwest corner of the Student Services Building and the south campus courtyard. Real estate style signs for event announcements require a five day notice. Contact Facilities for posting of signs. These are posted at entrances around the clock tower, by Student Services, and the south campus courtyard. No handwritten signs are allowed on campus without permission Facilities.


Chalking at the University is permitted in certain designated sidewalk locations only for the purpose of announcing campus activities, events or meetings of registered student organizations or sponsored by the University.

Copy Center

The Copy Center is located at 011 Laker Market Place.  Services include black & white copies, color copies, binding, and UPS mailing. They are open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. For more information they can be reached at 331-3407.

Student Organizations that utilize funding for Print expenses from the Student Life Fund (as allocated by their respective Funding Board) must place their orders with approval from the Office of Student Life.  Contact the Promotions Office to process a Copy Center order for your group.

Free Speech / Open Forum Areas

On the Allendale Campus, two designated locations have been established as open forum areas for individuals or groups to use. The first area is the circle drive/sidewalk area around the Cook Carillon Tower. The second area is the academic mall area within 50 feet of the sculpture Transformational Link (the blue metal building frame). Use of these areas may be scheduled as an event space through the Event Services Office.

Literature Distribution

Student organizations wishing to distribute literature may hand out materials in either of the established open forum areas or through reserving a table in the Kirkhof Center. Any other plans for distribution for literature must be approved in advance by the Director of Student Life.

Newspaper racks for The Lanthorn student newspaper are NOT to be used to distribute other publications. Organizations violating this policy may be referred to the Student Organization Review Board for a misconduct review hearing.


Student organizations wishing to conduct a petition drive must follow the guidelines as indicated in the GVSU Student Code Section 226.00: PETITIONS. The major goal of this section is to assist students in obtaining the maximum effect of any petition by avoiding confusion and duplication of efforts. Students and student groups wishing to circulate a petition should be aware that such action constitutes a trust established in favor of the signers of the petition and the petitioner agrees to submit the petition to the proper authorities. Therefore, the University has established petition procedures for students and student groups. Contact, Bob Stoll, the Associate Dean of Student Life (331-2345, for assistance with this activity.

Posting Boards

The posting boards are maintained by the Promotions Office and are done in accordance with the university regulations. Various types of bulletin boards are provided in University buildings to circulate appropriate information of interest to students, faculty, and staff. Persons posting notices must put information only on boards provided for that purpose. The posting boards available include: Housing Opportunities, General Postings, Opinions and Campus Events. All postings must be approved and stamped by the Promotions Office.

All notices posted on bulletin boards shall not be lewd, indecent, vulgar, or obscene. Notices may not advertise availability of alcohol. A complete list of posting policies and procedures can be found in the Student Code.

Promotions Office

The Promotions Office is a student-staffed graphic design, advertising and public relations department of Student Life. They can design, produce, and print any kind of publicity piece, including t-shirts, logos, stickers, buttons, web ads, posters, banners, etc. They are available to all students, staff, departments and student organizations.

The Promotions Office is made up of Graphic Design, Illustration, and Advertising students, which creates the unique opportunity for fresh, quality work and affordable prices. They ensure all publications are consistent with the high standards set by the university. Because of the quantity of work they do with area vendors, they are able to pass on the price break they receive with their customers. They are also responsible for posting on the campus posting boards, which is done weekly and maintain them in accordance with university regulations.

Student organizations wishing to publicize an event or an upcoming campus activity should meet with the Promotions Office to advertise their event. Several packages are available to help reduce cost and help the client design an effective marketing plan. If you have a project you would like the Promotions Office to assist with, please stop by the office and complete a service request. Due to the high volume of work produced by the office, the requested due date should be at least two weeks from the submission date.

To contact them for all your promotional needs, call 616.331.2340 or email at


T-shirts are a great way to advertise for an event or an organization. They can be purchased fairly inexpensively and given away, or sold to make a profit for the group. There are several local screen printing businesses in the area. The Promotions Office works with area businesses which provide great quality for a low price. They will be able to get an estimate on the approximate cost of any shirts.

If the University name is being used on the shirt, the use of the name and/or logo must adhere to the University's trademark use standards. If shirts are being purchased for an organization with funds from the Student Life Fund (as allocated by Student Senate), the shirts must be ordered through Promotions Office and the design must be approved by the Office of Student Life before printing.

Use of Grand Valley State Name & Logo

The university has created very specific rules and regulations to use the Grand Valley State University name and logo in the appropriate way. As such, the official name of registered student organizations has certain restrictions & they are listed below:

  • Organization name cannot begin with Grand Valley State University, Grand Valley State, Grand Valley, GVSU or GV; these words can be used at the end of an organization’s name (ex. Underwater Basket Weaving Club at GVSU)
  • Organization name cannot include Laker in any part of the name

The Promotions Office or Institutional Marketing can provide a current copy of appropriate use guidelines.

Page last modified December 18, 2017