Organization Membership

Organizations must maintain and update membership information via LakerLink. Only members listed on the online roster may receive full benefits of student organization services, including access to the student organization funding, space reservation privileges, and other privileges afforded student organization members. Members of student organizations must be registered active students at Grand Valley State University. 

Any student organization advisors and club sport coaches must also be listed on the online roster in order to be considered advisors "of record" to gain advice or assistance from the Office of Student Life.

Contact the Student Organization Staff Assistant in the Office of Student Life at [email protected] for assistance.

Organizations With Selective Memberships

Due to the special nature of selective membership organizations, the Office of Student Life requires that all selective membership organizations include their selection criteria within their organizational constitution. Additional details about constitution and membership requirements can be found on the Student Organization Support Page. Please contact the Office of Student Life with any questions.

Page last modified August 21, 2018