Driver Authorization Process

Any drivers (whether using personal or rental vehicles) on student organization trips must be cleared by the Department of Public Safety as an authorized driver. Students who will be driving must be approved by going to Public Safety and presenting their driver's license. Processing takes at least a month so it is advised that students anticipating going on a trip have this done at the beginning of the school year. When filling out the form reference the Office of Student Life and the organization you are with. Cards may be picked up in the Office of Student Life

All drivers are individually responsible for any traffic violations, tickets, etc., and will be expected to pay applicable fines.


Student organizations planning campus events or off campus activities that involve travel or other risks should meet with a professional staff member in the Office of Student Life to review their event plans and to review various factors and risks associated with the event. Student organization leaders are responsible for making sure student participants are aware of the inherent risks associated with participation in campus activities.

Students involved in registered student organizations or other campus activities do so at their own risk. Students should have adequate personal medical coverage for health insurance as the university does not provide any coverage for students. Student health insurance policies are available for purchase through outside vendors for major medical coverage. Contact the Office of Student Life for more information.

Travel Information

Only GVSU students and faculty/staff may travel on behalf of the organization. The Student Life Fund will only fund GVSU student travel expenses.

Participants will adhere to all GVSU conduct codes, conference conduct rules, as well as the rules/laws of the trip location(s). Any participant found to violate rules of conduct or the law will travel back to GVSU immediately at his/her own expense. Participants may be subject to university judicial proceedings if reported to the Dean of Students Office.

The following must be on file in the Office of Student Life before the trip begins:

Within five business days after the trip, the organization must:

  • Submit all receipts to the Office of Student Life for payment/reimbursement of funded expenses with the appropriate Travel Expense Voucher.

Page last modified September 8, 2021