Chalking on Campus

About Chalking

Chalking: writing on sidewalks with chalk to spread a message.

Chalking at GVSU is permitted in certain designated sidewalk locations only for the purpose of announcing on-campus activities, events, meetings of Registered Student Organizations, or anything else sponsored by the University.

Summary of Requirements

  • Campus events only
  • Max. of 4’x4’
  • Chalk only (no paint)
  • Only 2 days before event
  • Must register with Promotions Office through their Chalking Registration Form

Permitted Chalking Locations

Chalking must be done on sidewalks in these locations only. Download a chalking map here (PDF).

  • Sidewalk along west side of Copeland Hall.
  • Sidewalk along east side of Mackinaw Hall next to Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center.
  • Sidewalk along west side of Lake Michigan Hall.
  • Sidewalk areas from entrance areas to the Rec. Center and Pool SE to Campus Drive.
  • Sidewalk starting north of Cook DeWitt Center that runs NW to the Padnos greenhouse.
  • Sidewalk areas from Little Mac Bridge South to Transformational Link Sculpture.
  • Sidewalk from north side of Kirkhof Center going east to north end of Zumberge Pond.
  • Sidewalk along north side of Lake Superior Hall.

Chalking Requirements

  • The announcement must promote a campus-wide activity, event, or meeting that is open to all students.
  • The announcement must bear the name of the Registered Student Organization or University Department sponsoring the campus activity, event, or meeting.
  • The announcement must fit within a 4’ by 4’ space.
  • The material used to mark the sidewalk must be water-soluble chalk. The use of markers, paints, oil-based products, or sprayable chalk is prohibited. 
  • Chalking is prohibited on all vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, benches, picnic tables, signs, poles, trees, etc.
  • Signs, posters, banners and other printed material shall not be taped to the sidewalk in lieu of chalked announcements.
  • Chalked announcements may not exceed two days prior to the campus activity, event or meeting.
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) or university departments who desire to chalk an announcement must first register with the Promotions Office (616) 331-2340 through their Chalking Registration Form.​​​​​​​

Page last modified September 26, 2022