Approval Process

The review of new student organizations will take place at regularly scheduled Student Organization Review Board (SORB) meetings during the fall and winter semesters. Students submitting organization requests are not expected to attend SORB meetings. All the requirements will be reviewed by SORB. One of the following designations will be given to your organization upon review:

  • Approved - full approval status
  • Approved Pending - student organization is missing 1-2 items that can be completed; once completed, the group will be switched to approved status
  • Deferred - student organization has multiple missing items or lacks meeting numerous requirements; group must remedy these issues & will then be reviewed a second time by SORB
  • Denied - student organization does not meet the criteria to be a registered student organization

The status of an organization will be communicated by the Office of Student Life via e-mail to the organization president, advisor, and/or requester of record within 2 business days of the Student Organization Review Board's decision.

Page last modified July 9, 2018