Campus Posting

New Board Counts

New Board Counts

Posting Guidelines

The Posting Policy for all Grand Valley State University Campuses was developed to provide a uniform and fair posting method. Groups, organizations, individuals and/or businesses are responsible for the knowledge of these policies. Posting information can also be found in the Student Code.

Please note that different campus boards have different regulations.

Campus, General, Housing Opportunity, and Opinion boards on the Allendale campus will be cleared during exam week of Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Promotions Office at 616-331-2340. 

How it works


Get posters stamped

Bring your posters to the Promotions Office to get approved and stamped.


Know where you can post

Campus, General, Housing Opportunity, and Opinion posters all have different places they can be posted. More info here.



You can either post the posters yourself, or the Promotions Office can post them for $10.

Page last modified May 14, 2018