How it works

Get posters stamped

To get approved and stamped, bring your posters to the appropriate office (see Allendale Posting and Downtown Posting pages for locations).

Know where you can post

Different types of posters must go on different boards. You can post 1 poster on each board.


You can either post the posters yourself for free, or the Promotions Office can post them for $12.

About Campus Posting

Posting Policy

The Posting Policy for all Grand Valley State University Campuses was developed to provide a uniform and fair posting method. Groups, organizations, individuals and/or businesses are responsible for the knowledge of these policies. Posting information can also be found in the Student Code.

Posters can be on the boards for up to 1 month. When you stamp your posters, the date on the stamp will be set 1 month in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact the Promotions Office at (616) 331-2340. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, on boards labeled "General" only. You must adhere to the same rules as GVSU related organizations, including content and amount of flyers per board.

Yes, on the 3 boards labeled "Housing Opportunity" only. You cannot post housing options on the General boards. You must adhere to the same rules as GVSU related organizations, including content and amount of flyers per board.

No. If you would like your posters to stay up after the expiration date, you must re-print them and have them stamped with a new date—stamps will only be set up to one month in the future.

Thousands of posters are posted each semester and there isn't room on the boards to leave posters up for more than a month, so we have this policy in place to keep content fresh and make sure there's enough room for everyone's posters to be seen.

You cannot fax us fliers, but you can mail them and we will post them for $12. We can also print posters for you (for a fee).

You can bring your own stapler or push pins, or borrow a stapler from the Creation Station (located in 0008 Kirkhof).

Board Label definitions

Campus boards are available for posting anything happening on-campus, or off-campus events that are sponsored by the University. Non-GVSU posters are not allowed on Campus boards.

General boards are open to the community for posting job opportunities, community events, advertisements, etc. Any Campus/GVSU posters can go on General boards as well. Housing posters (rooms/houses/apartments for rent) are not allowed on the General boards.

Housing Opportunity boards are for advertising off-campus rooms, apartments, and houses for rent.

Opinion boards have been established to allow students, faculty, and staff to post items expressing opinions.

Housing boards are located in the common areas of each living center. All boards are under the supervision of the Housing staff. Posting is prohibited by non-Housing staff members. To post to Housing, you must bring your posters to the Promotions Office and we will post them for a $12 fee.

These boards are under the supervision of each specific academic department. Use of departmental boards is restricted to faculty and staff of that department. The Promotions Office has no affiliation with these boards— you must contact the department to post there.