Kirkhof Key Usage Policy

  • Some student organizations (such as Grand Valley Television, the Lanthorn, Student Senate, WCKS) may require keys to access relevant facility space after business hours.
  • Advisors or Presidents of these student organizations must provide the Office of Student Life a list of authorized users. 
  • Authorized student organization members must fill out a Key Form on LakerLink before a key is provided. Keys must returned to the Student Life Assistant at the end of each term; otherwise, a charge of $25-$100 will be charged to the student's University student account.
  • Authorized student organization members may not share their key. Any loss of keys must be immediately reported to the Student Life Assistant.
  • Keys are distributed at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Student Life. This student organization privilege may be revoked at any time.

Page last modified July 10, 2018