Catering Process Utilizing Student Senate Funding

  1. Meet with your Council Advisor to discuss event, event time frame and plans. You can make an appointment by calling 616-331-2345. 
  2. For comparison purposes, you can secure price quotes from off campus vendors. Optional
  3. Request a quote from catering for what you would like.
    1. Provide comparison quotes at this time.
    2. Provide special request or recipes at this time.
  4. Submit your event funding request through OrgSync.
    1. Funding Boards Require that all Funding Request are submitted no less than four weeks in advance. Only one funding request can be submitted for each event.
    2. Be sure to provide detailed account of food request.
    3. Bring detailed GVSU Catering Quote to Funding Board Meeting. 
  5. Once you have been awarded funds by your Funding Board, complete a Media/Dining Service request with the Office of Student Life.
  6. Take the approved Media/Dining Service request to Catering and place your food order.

Page last modified June 9, 2017