Student Organization Misconduct

Misconduct Review- Purpose and Scope

In order to facilitate student development, student organizations are expected to maintain high academic and behavioral standards within the Grand Valley State University community. It is incumbent upon students, student groups, and guests of students to conduct themselves within the framework of reasonable rules and regulations designed to prevent interference with or obstruction of the orderly operation of the university. Conduct contrary to these standards of behavior which adversely affects the ability of others to pursue their educational goals may result in campus disciplinary action.

It is expected that members of Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) respect the rules and regulations of Grand Valley State University as well as the rights of individual students, faculty, and staff. The Misconduct Review process is in place to evaluate the behavior of RSO's and decide if any disciplinary action is needed to correct behavior. The Misconduct Review process is separate and independent from any civil, criminal or university judicial (individual student) action and may proceed even if a related matter is anticipated or pending in other forums.

The purpose and scope of the Misconduct Review process is to serve both the institution and the RSO by establishing a fair, efficient, and educational process for adjudicating complaints concerning alleged non-academic misconduct involving violation of Grand Valley State University policies, procedures, regulations, or ordinances. Individual student misconduct is reviewed using separate procedures set forth in the Grand Valley State University Student Code.

Page last modified March 18, 2019