Disassociation or Removal of an Organization

Dissolution results in the removal of the registered status of a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at Grand Valley State University (GVSU).  While GVSU will always strive to provide diverse and engaging experiences through a multitude of student organizations, there are some cases where an RSO may voluntarily or involuntarily lose its registered status due to:

  • Failure to complete the required annual renewal process on LakerLink
  • A change in student organization policy administered by the Student Organization Recognition Board
  • A sanction issued through GVSU’s Student Conduct Office
  • General lack of student interest or involvement
  • A desire to disassociate from GVSU

When an RSO is no longer registered / loses its registered status, understand that the organization:

  • Is ineligible for the benefits and privileges that GVSU provides to RSOs
  • Assumes all risk associated with any continued operation as an unaffiliated / disassociated organization
  • Is ineligible to re-register as an RSO until the following fall semester

Dissolution Steps:

  • Complete the Registered Student Organization Dissolution Notification form on LakerLink.  This form requires an upload of a letter explaining the reason the group is dissolving, or the rationale for choosing to disassociate, and must be signed by both the RSO president and GVSU advisor. 
  • The request will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of Student Organizations and any other pertinent GVSU faculty, staff, or campus departments whom the decision to disassociate may affect  
  • Follow up steps, if applicable, may include:
    • Payment of outstanding bills, invoices, fees, university sanctioned restitutions, etc.
    • Removal of organization items stored in the Kirkhof Center and organization mail located in the Office of Student Life
    • Return items funded by the Student Life Fund (via student Senate) to the Office of Student Life 

After processing the dissolution notification form, the Office of Student Life will:

  • Remove the organization from LakerLink
  • Cancel all on-campus space reservations
  • Revoke approved, unspent funds from the Student Life Fund and cancel pending funding requests
  • Donate remaining on campus organization funds to the non-profit entity designated in the organization's constitution. This does not apply to off campus bank accounts

Page last modified May 15, 2023