Benefits & Privileges

Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) have access to the university resources listed below:

  • Use of university facilities as established by university facilities policy
  • Sponsorship of activities and promotion of those activities through the GVSU Events Calendar, and the LakerLink Events Calendar
  • Access to the Free RSO Promotional Package
  • Distribution of literature, flyers, posters, banners, and organizational materials according to university posting policy
  • University services and resources such as purchasing, printing, maintenance, computer services, technology, and mail services (bulk mail, etc.)
  • Assistance and advisement from the Office of Student Life
  • Awards and honors presented to university organizations and their members
  • Acknowledgement in university and Student Life publications, including the Student Life web page, LakerLink, and a student organization informational pamphlet given to students and parents
  • Participation in university events such as Campus Life Night, Ignite, Homecoming, etc.
  • Solicitation of funds on campus through programs and fundraisers, as established by university fundraising policy
  • Access to funding for: campus programming, and student organization travel. These funds are provided through the Student Life Fund, which is administered through the Student Senate Finance Committee.

To remain in good standing within the GVSU Student Organization Community

Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) must complete the following to remain in good standing with GVSU:

  • Attend the annual officer training each semester (Ignite and ReIgnite)
    • Ignite and Re-Ignite are the official training and resource programs for officers and executive boards of student organizations that occur twice a year (Fall and Winter semester). ALL student organizations are REQUIRED to have at least one executive officer participate in both Ignite (Fall) and Re-Ignite (Winter), but are strongly encouraged to have all 4 officers participate in the training. Policies and procedures, funding, LakerLink, and other important details pertinent to student organizations are covered at this event.
  • Complete the bi-annual registration on LakerLink
    • Every Registered Student Organization is required to renew their organization for each Fall and Winter semester with updated information and Executive Board positions. If you do not renew your organization you may lose the privileges associated with being an RSO including funding, room reservations, and hosting events.


If an organization does not complete the above, they are considered frozen and are unable to reserve space, apply for university funding, or post events on LakerLink until they complete the required items. 

Page last modified May 11, 2023