Surplus Store Sale Procedures

Terms and Conditions of Sales

All items are offered for sale on an "as-is" basis with no warranty of guarantee. All Sales are final, and there are no returns.

Payment Methods

Cash, Credit Card and Checks are acceptable payment methods offered at GVSU Surplus Store. State of Michigan 6% sales tax is added to the total to all purchases unless a valid tax exempt certificate is provided at the time of sale.

Please Note: Grand Valley State University issued Purchasing Cards are not permitted to be used as a form of payment at the GVSU Surplus Store. Please contact us if you have any questions on these payment method options.

Shipping and Local Pickup

Buyers are responsible for picking up all items they have purchased, either at a live sale or via the online website, at the GVSU Surplus Store. It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange pick up dates and times as the Surplus Store does not ship out items. Please contact us to schedule a pick up date, time, and location.

Customers have one week from point of sale date to pick up purchased items.

Loading Items

Loading items for customers is a courtesy provided by the GVSU Surplus Store staff. The Surplus Store staff is not accountable for damage occurring to vehicles while moving or loading items for the customer. Please note that no gratuities will be accepted.

Due to liability, personal injury and property damage the staff of the GVSU Surplus Store is not able to provide the following services for customers:

  • Move or rearrange existing items in a customers vehicle

  • Remove seats from vehicles

  • Attempt to put items in a vehicle that clearly will not fit

  • Tie down items to trailers, vehicle roofs or trunks

Page last modified February 23, 2018