Appointment Letters

AP and Adjunct AP Staff

     AP Staff

     AP Appointment Letter
     AP Making Less than $684 Per Week
     AP Appointment Letter - Grant Funded

     Adjunct AP Staff (12 Month Appointments)

     12 Month Adjunct AP (Full-time)
     12 Month Adjunct AP (Part-time)
     12 Month Adjunct AP Making Less than $684 per Week

     Adjunct AP Staff (Less than 12 Month Appointments)

     Less than 12 Month Adjunct AP
     Less than 12 Month Adjunct AP Making Less Than $684 Per Week

     Calculation Tool 

     Hourly Rate Calculation Tool - This tool is to help calculate the hourly rate, if needed, for the appointment letter.
     Instructions for Hourly Rate Calculation Tool



     Tenure Track Faculty

        Faculty Appointment Letter
        ABD Faculty Appointment Letter 
        Faculty with Administrative Duties Appointment Letter
        Extra Compensation Letter for Faculty
        Reassigned Time Sample Letter
        Reassigned Time with Extra Compensation Sample Letter

     Affiliate Faculty

        Affiliate Faculty Appointment Letter 
        Affiliate Faculty Renewal Letter
     Visiting Faculty

        Visiting Faculty Appointment Letter
        Visiting Faculty Appointment Letter (Renewal Letter)
        Returning Visiting Faculty (2nd Year Appointment)
        Returning Visiting Faculty (3rd Year Appointment)

     Adjunct Instructor
        Adjunct Instructor or Senior Adjunct Instructor Letter (Semester by Semester - New or Returning)

     Adjunct Librarian

        Adjunct Librarian

Guest Scholar

        Guest Scholar Process
        Guest Scholar Letter

One-Time Pay

     One-Time Pay