GVSU Employee Departure Notice Process

Please note this form informs only Human Resources of the change. Please continue to notify the Budget Office and the Office of the Provost as you normally would for departures and retirements.

Submit Departure Form

What happens when I submit a notice of employee departure?

It is important to provide the employee departure date for a GVSU employee to Human Resources as soon as possible to allow for all parties to be notified and internal processes initiated. 

Once an employee departure date notice is provided: 

  • HR Admin adds to the departure list to be sent to University partners
  • HR Admin processes in Banner
  • Benefits receives information for the last day of effective benefits
  • Employment notes the position number for backfilling if needed
  • Staff Relations sends exit interview survey
  • Network Account authorizations receives data to deactivate account
  • The Key Department reaches out for key(s) return
  • IT reaches out for technology equipment return
  • Parking Services notes the date to end parking permit
  • Board of Trustees are notified (if applies)
  • Removed from the Catalog (if applies)
  • Retirees are added to all applicable lists

Things to Consider

Please consider the below items when approving a departure/retirement:

  • Network accounts (including email and Blackboard) will be disabled for departures. If there are concerns around network access please ask [email protected] and [email protected] for additional information. 
  • Employees cannot use vacation time to extend their last worked day. See https://www.gvsu.edu/policies/ and refer to the corresponding employee type below for the specific resignation policy.


  • If the employee accrues vacation, the proper amount of notice must be given in order to receive the pay out of those days. Payouts are capped. For details, please refer to the pages below:

Page last modified July 10, 2023