Welcome to the 2021 School of Engineering Design Conference

Welcome to the annual School of Engineering Design Conference. It has been our tradition for more than 25 years to meet every year with our industry partners and sponsors, and the community to celebrate our graduating class.  This year's design conference will include a co-op employer forum & award presentations, industry-sponsored senior project presentations, and the Order of the Engineer ceremony.

The conference will be held on August 6th from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  See the schedule below for details.

In Memory of Jeff Ray

This year's conference is in the memory of Dr. Jeff Ray, Former Director of the School of Engineering

Paul Plotkowski

Dr. Paul Plotkowski

[email protected]

A message from Dr. Paul Plotkowski, Dean of the Seymour and Esther Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

In the early 1980s, a group of West Michigan industrialists approached GVSU with the request to introduce engineering programs. That was the first step in a tremendous partnership between Grand Valley and our industrial partners in producing outstanding engineering professionals.

Since then, the program has seen remarkable growth in the number of students and graduates, in how we prepare them and in the facilities and resources to support student learning, industrial and community engagement.  

Along the way, we were very proud when The National Academy of Engineering recognized our unique partnership naming the GVSU School of Engineering as one of twenty-nine “Exemplars of Real World Engineering Education.” Recognizing a partnership that continues to flourish.

I am pleased to welcome you to the annual GVSU Engineering Design Conference. I look forward to this daylong celebration of our student’s accomplishments, and the ever-thriving public-private partnership that makes the GVSU School of Engineering so unique and effective.


Wael Mokhtar

Dr. Wael Mokhtar

[email protected]

A message from Dr. Wael Mokhtar, professor and Director of School of Engineering

Experiential learning has been in the core of the School of Engineering since it was founded. Course projects, cooperative learning (co-op), capstone projects, and recently Industrial Graduate Fellowship (IGF) are among the vehicles that carry this goal. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Engineering Design Conference which is our annual celebration of several experiential learning tracks of the School.

This day would not be possible without the hard work and ingenuity of our graduating seniors, the involvement and contributions from the family and friends who support our students in so many ways, our alumni who paved the road before them, our generous and talented industry mentors, supervisors and sponsors who work with our students through co-op and course projects, and our donors who have supported our students and School throughout the years.

The faculty and staff of the School of Engineering know that we cannot provide the type of exceptional educational experiences that we foster at GVSU without your involvement and support. For that we are truly grateful.

Please join me today in celebrating these important partnerships and the significant achievements of our newest graduates!

Chris Babbitt

Chris Babbitt

[email protected]

A message from Chris Babbitt, Assistant Director of the Career Center

The Career Center welcomes our valued employer partners, our esteemed faculty and the School of Engineering Class of 2021!  Cooperative education experiences provide students with meaningful, productive work while energizing organizations with fresh ideas.

Co-ops are powerful recruiting tools for professionals to assess students’ on-the-job performance before extending a full-time employment offer.

This program allows students to make immediate contributions in their chosen field, strengthening our community and industry.  We look forward to celebrating and recognizing the many accomplishments and relationships established through the program.

Join us here virtually at 9:00 a.m. for the topic of Maximizing the Benefits of an Industry / University Collaboration

Co-op Employer Forum & Award PresentationsHosted by: Diane LaFreniere, Sebastian Chair, Cooperative Education

Join us here virtually and in person at the Innovation Design Center at 1:30 p.m. for the Industry-Sponsored Senior Project Presentations

Industry-Sponsored Senior Project PresentationsHosted by: Dr. Chris Pung, Dr. Wendy Reffeor & 2021 Graduating Seniors

Join us here virtually at 5:00 p.m. to watch the Order of the Engineer Ceremony

View the Co-op Awards, Outstanding Graduates, and Senior Project Awards

2021 Industry-Sponsored Senior Project Teams

Click on the industry sponsor logos to see the corresponding project page. Available August 6!

People's Choice Award

Vote for your favorite project!

Instructions for voting are on each project's page. The winning team will be announced at the Order of the Engineer Ceremony.

Team 2

Varroa Mite Monitoring System

Team 4

Embedded loT OTA Platform

Team 5

EMC PCB Design Study

Team 6

Dual-Lane Slab Forming Line

Team 7

Modular Heat Sink Design and Optimization

Team 8

GE Memory Characterization System

Team 3

Fluorescent Decay Measurement Device

Team 9

Solar Panel Coating Evaluation

Team 10

Cold Rolling Mill

Team 11

Muscle Memory

Team 12

HCI Direct Vent Termination

Team 21

Pin Insertion Process

Team 14

Cable Management System Evolution

Team 15

Marking Cell and Barcode Integrations

Team 13

The Rocket Stove

Team 26

Confidential Project

Team 16

Magna Door Handle Inertia Tester

Team 19

Micro Valve

Team 20

Adventure Gear Repair and Prep Station

Team 25

Mid Frequency Power Control

Team 24

ExactDraw Blood Sampling

Team 22

Automated Life Testing Machine for the Sterizone VP4

Team 17

Hook Handle Bender

Team 18

Electric Scooter Alternative

Team 23

Mobile Application Controlled Mesh Network

Senior Project Friends and Family Rotation




1:30PM - 2:30PM

Group A Family and Friends Viewing

1 - 9

2:30PM - 3:30PM

Group B Family and Friends Viewing

10 - 18

3:30PM - 4:30PM

Group C Family and Friends Viewing

19 - 26

Do you have an engineering problem that requires resources you currently don't have?

We have three possible avenues for sponsored projects:

  1. Senior project is an 8 month (Jan-Aug) student capstone project.
  2. The DOER center provides expert assistance on a contract basis.
  3. Smaller-scale projects can be completed as course projects.

More information about the Engineering Industry


DOER Center

Contact: Karl Brakora, (616) 331-6824 or [email protected]


Senior Project

Chris Pung, (616) 331-6262 or [email protected]

Wendy Reffeor, (616) 331-6010 or [email protected]

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