2021 Engineering Design Conference - Stryker

Team 22: Stryker - Project: Automated Life Testing Machine for the Sterizone VP4

Project Abstract

The Sterizone VP4 is a dual-sterilant, low-temperature sterilizer that uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide and ozone to clean medical instruments. Although this product has already been on the market, the intent of this project is to design and build a machine, known as the Automated Life Tester (ALT) which will cycle the Sterizone VP4 until failure for future improvements. In order to have autonomy, the ALT must have little human interaction and accomplish tasks such as remote error reporting, opening and closing the door, and loading and unloading two 75 lb racks.

Team Members

Jacob Arenz

Eric Guo

Malcom Macdonald

Dylan Mathews

Josh Vogeli

Genevieve Wisby

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Wendy Reffeor

Project Sponsor

Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better.

Project Presentation

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Project Overview

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In-Depth Project Overview

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