2021 Engineering Design Conference - E3 Compliance

Team 5: E3 Compliance - Project: EMC PCB Design Study

Project Abstract

The purpose of this project is to expand knowledge of best practices for PCB designs with respect to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This is accomplished through the design and EMC testing of two devices. Each device is underpinned by a surface mount PCB, and is designed to perform a prescribed function. One PCB focuses on grounding impacts to analog measurements as it outputs analog temperature and voltage measurements to a PC via USB-A. The other PCB focuses on approaches to power delivery networks (PDN), utilizing a USB-C connector for a power output. The PCBs are to be tested for Radiated Emissions, Conducted Emissions, Radiated Immunity, and Conducted Immunity. Up to 6 variants of each PCB are designed, fabricated, and tested to validate the benefits of E3’s recommended design techniques through comparison with other designs. PCB layout and enclosure type will be the primary features affecting EMC performance.

Team Members

Bilguun Baatar

Catherine Costantino

Rudy Morey

Cameron Muldowney

Faculty Advisors

Prof. Scott Zuidema

We help electronics manufacturers prevent and solve EMC & High Speed issues, enabling them to meet requirements and launch their products on time.

Project Presentation

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Project Overview

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In-Depth Project Overview

In-Depth Project Overview Video

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