Sponsoring a Senior Project

Senior students in the engineering program are required to complete the two-semester capstone senior project. Teams of students from multiple engineering disciplines are given real-world engineering design problems to solve by participating industry partners and other sponsoring organizations. The cost to the sponsor includes materials and a small project fee. Students are not paid for work on senior projects, but earn college credit and gain valuable work experience. Upon completion of the project, the participating sponsor takes ownership of the final working product. 

Are You Interested in Sponsoring a Senior Project?

We welcome your proposals and sponsorship of design projects of interest to your organization.

Sponsored Project Proposal Form


Dr. Christopher Pung

Associate Professor and Senior Project Coordinator

Office Address: 226 Innovation Design Center
Phone: (616) 331-6262
Email: [email protected]

Chris Pung

Dr. Wendy Reffeor

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Office Address: 335 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
Phone: (616) 331-6010
Email: [email protected]

Wendy Reffeor

Senior Project Timeline


Actions Taken

August - December

Receive project proposals from industry


Notification of project acceptance


Projects assigned to the EGR 485 students

January - March

Student teams form and prepare design proposals, including budgets and schedule

March - July

Students present design to sponsors, receive approval, complete design, purchase materials, build, debug, test, and qualify device

Recent Sponsored Senior Projects

Active Inspection

Auto-aligning Motorized Camera Mount

American Seating

Attwood Marine

Confidential Product Design

Automatic Spring Products Corp.

Washer Packing

Cascade Engineering

CE Duct Cut and Drill Station


IoT Development Board

E3 Compliance

Probe Positioner & Capacitive Coupling Clamp

Eagle Packaging Inc.

Automated Universal Press System


Automated Vision Inspection & Packing Cell

Fluition LLC

Stratus X1 Sit-to-Stand

Device Redesign

Feyen Zylstra

Automated Wire Spooler


Scraper Cushion Testing Machine



Sound Project

Gill Electronics

Automated Conformance Test Suite

Gill Industries, Inc.

Head Restraint Cable Strand

Length Tester


UAV RF Wildlife Tracker


Hot Press Unloading Automation


Adjustable Anti-vibration Hydraulic

    Vehicle Body Mount


Thermal Dependent Manufacturing Process

L-3 Communications

Automated Luminance and Touch

Activation Tester

National Nail

Marksman 2018


Smart Fresh Air - II

OMT Veyhl

Table Leg Multi-tester


Welding Positioner

Rainforest Connection

RFCx Project Necromancer

SAF Holland Inc.

Tire Inflation Control System

Shape Corp.

Active Grille Shutter Stone

Impact Tester

Uniform Color Company

Mixing Head Cleaning

Viking Products, Inc.

Automated Part Inspection and Sorting

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