2021 Engineering Design Conference - RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.

Team 25: RoMan Manufacturing, Inc. - Project: Mid-Frequency Power Control Unit

Project Abstract

This senior project is part of a larger development to create a mid-frequency power control unit. This unit will use Silicon-Carbide MOSFETs to convert 480 VAC 3-phase power to 650 VAC 1-phase power at high current levels. The output of this power control unit will be a 1 kHz square wave with room for future development of a 60 Hz or 90 Hz sinusoidal waveform. The end product will have variable applications and therefore must change the output based on a variety of user inputs. While the circuit is converting the power, a laptop will display different faults, temperatures, and status’ that are monitored during operation. This project encompasses mechanical, electrical, and software engineering disciplines to control the power, heat, and circuit while also monitoring the safety.

Team Members

Collin Barnhardt

Chad Brown

Meghan Castro

Wesley Luna

Tessa Shaffer

Joseph Trenshaw

Faculty Advisors

Prof. Scott Zuidema

Project Sponsor

"To be the global brand of choice for industrial power conversion solutions"

Project Presentation

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Project Overview

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In-Depth Project Overview

In-depth Project Overview Video

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