2021 Engineering Design Conference - The Log Boiler, Inc

Team 13: The Log Boiler, Inc - Project: The Rocket Stove

Project Abstract

The Log Boiler has sponsored a senior project to design a new log boiler capable of burning crushed pallets and other scrap woods cleanly, yielding little to no smoke. To achieve this, Team 13 designed The Rocket Stove which can regulate the internal temperature of the biomass resulting in gasification, or combustion of the smoke, as well as display analytics displayed to an onboard Panel view. The Rocket Stove designed with onboard features such as the automatic blast gate, automatic damper, hydraulic top loading lid, and automatic de-ash system which all contribute to the ease of use functionality benefit. The final use of The Rocket Stove is to heat 15,000sq feet of space by burning wood in the firebox which is surrounded by water, that water is then pumped into a building for in-floor heating or force air.

Team Members

Corbin Bremmeyr

Brenden DeVries

Xue Hua

Samantha Murphy

Riley Seifert

Faculty Advisors

Prof. Terry Stevens

Project Sponsor

Burn, Boil, and Get Heat

Project Presentation

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Project Overview

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In-Depth Project Overview

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