2021 Engineering Design Conference - T&T Tools, Inc.Team 17

Team 17: T&T Tools, Inc. - Project: Hook Handle Bender

Project Abstract

The purpose of this senior project is to design and build a rotary bender that bends 5/8" hex steel bars into a handle shape. The end of these bars are shaped into a hook and they are used as man hole cover hooks and for other construction purposes. The reason our sponsor requested this project was to improve the current manufacturing process, which involved heating the bar stock prior to bending and using two separate benders to achieve the desired handle shape.

Team Members

Chad Baker

Alex Quardokus

Brianna Tramelli

Jorgen Telgenhoff

Ryan Tran

Pit Vollmers

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Chris Pung

Project Sponsor

T&T Tools, Inc. is a small family owned business based out of Holland, MI specializing in the design, manufacture, and sale of sub-surface hand tools. T&T Tools was started in 1989 by two friends that had experience in the pumper/cleaner market and with manufacturing. They made the first tools for personal use and more and more people kept "borrowing" their tools. At this point they realized that they had a tool that filled a market need and the Smart Stick probe was born. Later, they realized there was a need for a tool that provides additional safety, so they created the Mighty Probe. This was the first "insulated" tool of it's kind in the market. T&T Tool’s market consists of pumpers, cleaners, onsite installers, construction workers, and pipeline companies who need high quality dependable tools to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively. There are also other smaller subgroups, such as border patrol and law enforcement, that have similar product needs for T&T Tool’s products.

Project Presentation

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Project Overview

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In-Depth Project Overview

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