2021 Engineering Design Conference - Bee Informed Partnership

Team 2: Bee Informed Partnership - Project: Varroa Mite Monitoring System

Project Abstract

The varroa monitoring device was created to separate parasitic varroa mites from honey bees. The device has a three stage container made of PVC, the first stage houses the sample of honey bees being tested, the second stage will contain the mites that have been separated, and the third stage will contain the reusable alcohol from the test. Each stage is separated by a wire mesh. The device accomplishes the separation of the mites by using an air pump to propagate air through an alcohol solution, creating bubbles that effectively agitate the bees enough to remove the mites from their bodies. Once separated, field specialists can determine the level of infestation their hive is experiencing based on a ratio of mites per bees tested. Based on the number of mites removed, bee keepers can determine the best course of action for their hives.

Team Members

Brandon DeFore

Austin Johnson

Zachry Lobbestael

Caleigh Stowe

Hunter VanderPloeg

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Bruce Dunne

Dr. Chris Pung

Prof. Scott Zuidema

Project Sponsor

The Bee Informed Partnership is a national collaboration of leading research labs and universities in agricultural science to better understand honey bee declines in the United States. We work with beekeepers to better understand how we can manage healthier bees.

Project Presentation

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