2021 Engineering Design Conference - GVSU School of Engineering Team 9

Team 9: GVSU School of Engineering - Project: Solar Panel Coating Evaluation

Project Abstract

The goal of the Grand Valley State University Solar Coating project is to obtain and test three protective coatings that promote self cleaning capabilities for solar panels. The testing of the coatings involves a field test and an in-lab test. The field test involved three groups of solar panels being placed in three different locations and each group consisting of an uncoated control panel and three panels coated with protective coatings. The in-lab testing consisted of forced and falling sand tests to simulate abrasion caused by dust blown in high and low windspeeds respectively, with panel outputs being recorded in a solar simulator. The in-lab testing also involved using a CNC controlled machine to test panel cleaning methods.

Team Members

Austin Cordes

Megan Girard

Dan Jones

Paul Rakowicz

Josh Robinson

Kelly Schultz

Jacob Weesies

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Chris Pung

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Project Presentation

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Project Overview

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In-Depth Project Overview

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