2021 Engineering Design Conference - Koops, Inc.

Team 15: Koops, Inc. - Project: Marking Cell and Barcode Integrations

Project Abstract

Koops has sponsored a senior project to address four problems relating to workflow and part tracking. The first project improved on last year’s senior project, which was a machine to drill holes into aluminum extrusion, by integrating a barcode scanner to auto populate the hole locations. The second project was to design and build a dot peen marking cell that would mark the part number to improve upon the current process of hand stamping part numbers. The marking station will also mark data matrices for future barcode integration applications. The third project involved designing a laser marking cell that would mark the part number as well as a data matrix on to the part. The last project was to develop a roadmap as to how Koops could integrate barcodes into their systems to improve part tracking and part information access.

Team Members

Walker Barrs

Tanner Daugin

Morgan McKey

Colton Odem

Josephine Ruiter

Chase Tuttle

Faculty Advisors

Prof. Terry Stevens

Project Sponsor

Our Mission: To serve our customers with the best factory automation systems. Our Vision: A team that is a beacon of principled integrity, excellence and stewardship.

Project Presentation

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