Mission and Values Statement


Our mission is to prepare students to meet the challenges of the modern world as engineering professionals who have the potential to become innovative leaders

We fulfill our mission with a curriculum that is firmly based in the theoretical foundation of science and mathematics in application to real-world problems. The curriculum also provides for experiences in engineering design, analysis, and professional practice. Students develop technical competency through course and laboratory work, project work, and the co-operative education experience in industry or in research.

Our mission is realized by a shared commitment to continual improvement, scholarship and research, and refinement through critical review. Such review requires both close contact with current engineering practice and a commitment to liberal education that enhances the practice of engineering in global societies through a deep understanding of the human condition and the relationship of engineering practice to the natural environment.


GVSU’s School of Engineering aspires to be a premier education-oriented engineering school focused on applied engineering practice that is informed by research and scholarship.


Our values reflect our educational mission. We are an academic community in a nation for which the intrinsic value of each individual is taken as fundamental. Thus we strive to provide an environment in which each member of our academic community--student, staff member, and faculty--can reach his or her fullest potential.

Just as we value each individual in our community, we value the environment in which we live. The engineering community strongly influences the environment through the practice of its profession. For that reason we strive to build into our curriculum an awareness of, and a sensitivity to, those areas in which engineering practice affects the environment. Such awareness extends beyond technical knowledge to include ethical responsibility in the practice of our profession.

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