Laboratory Safety & Resources

We pride ourselves for being a safe learning environment. Please refer to the links below for our Policies, Procedures, Chemical Hygiene & SDS information.

SDS Catalogs can be found in front of the Machine Shop in Keller Labs - KEB 107

Connecting to the Engineering Remote Desktop

Connecting from the KEN/KEB labs - Open Internet Explorer and type in your engineering username and password on the Work Resources screen. 

Connecting from your personal computer

Access Card Registration

  • A refundable $25 security deposit will be billed to your student account when you register a new access card.
  • A $5 fee will be billed to your student account if you need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged access card.
  • You must report a lost or stolen access card immediately.  You will be held responsible for any theft or damages in a room where your access card was swiped.
  • You must return the access card in order to reclaim your $25 security deposit after graduation or a change in major.
  • Contact Ryan Aldridge at for all access card returns, replacements, and exchanges.

Click here to register your access card.

Kennedy Hall of Engineering

Laboratory Supervisor

Ryan Aldridge

Ryan Aldridge

Office Address: 217 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
Phone: (616) 331-6766

Keller Engineering Laboratories

Laboratory Supervisor

Roy Visser

Roy Visser

Office Address: 105 Keller Engineering Laboratories
Phone: (616) 331-7269

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