Graduate Badges

What is a Badge?

The College of Computing offers graduate-level digital badges. A digital badge, or simply “badge”, recognizes a student’s completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience. A badge allows students to promote academic achievements online more effectively and in different venues than would be possible with a transcript. For example, you could link your digital badge to your LinkedIn profile. The university uses to issue badges. Click here to see an example.

Available Badges

  • Biomedical Informatics-The medical and bioinformatics badge prepares students to engage with information systems in a clinical or healthcare setting.
  • Cybersecurity-The College of Computing's cybersecurity badge prepares students to identify, assess and address digital security threats. 
  • Data Analytics-The data analytics badge prepares students to understand and work with big and complex data sets across multiple disciplines. 
  • Database Management-The College of Computing's database management badge is designed to prepare students to master concepts of relational and non-relational databases.
  • Distributed Computing-The College of Computing's distributed computing badge is designed to prepare students to solve the difficult issues related to having computers cooperate in solving a problem.
  • Information Systems Management - The information systems management badge prepares students to engage with information systems and software project management in a business setting. 
  • Software Design and Development-The College of Computing's software design and development badge is designed to prepare students to become a modern software developer.
  • Software Engineering-The College of Computing's software engineering badge is designed to give students deep knowledge of software engineering practice.
  • Web and Mobile-The College of Computing's web and mobile computing badge prepares students to design and create web and mobile applications using modern development frameworks.
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Undergraduate Certificates

Applied Data Analytics Certificate

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The undergraduate certificate in applied data analytics at Grand Valley State University focuses on understanding how to interpret, use and apply data and statistics in the workplace, learn foundational computing and statistical skills such as visualization, learn predictive analytical tools, and learn to code in python.

More Information

The applied data analytics certificate is comprised of 18 credits:

  • STA 215 – Introductory Applied Statistics
  • STA 323 – Predictive Analytics
  • STA 340 – Statistics in the Media OR
    • ECO 300 – Data Analytics for Economics & Business
  • CIS 160 – Learn to Code in Python
  • CIS 320 – Visualization of Data and Information
  • CIS 331 – Data Analysis Tools and Techniques OR
    • MGT 477 – Applied Business Intelligence

Course Descriptions 

Project Management Certificate

The project management certificate at Grand Valley State University integrates industry-proven project management practices with Agile principles. Students work in small teams to effectively initiate, plan, execute, control, and bring closure to real world projects using MS Project and other enterprise project management software. The project management program features coursework in project management, team building, and applied business solutions. This certificate complements major fields of study in other departments or schools and enables you to train for a future career in this specialty.

More Information

The project management certificate is comprised of 12 credits:

  • CIS 339 – Project Planning
  • CIS 349 – Agile Project Management
  • BUS 470 – Applied Business Solutions
  • MGT 345 – Team Building

Course Descriptions

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