Undergraduate Programs


The College of Computing offers four undergraduate degrees. Each of these degrees offers their own unique experience, and prepares our students for success after graduation. Click on the links below to learn more about the individual degrees we offer.

Available Degrees:

Computer Science – Computer Science majors prepare to design and implement software, discover new uses of computing, and to solve computing problems.

Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity majors study the techniques used to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, information, and computer systems against attacks.

Information Systems – Information Systems majors study the use of computers in organizing and processing information.

Information Technology – Information Technology majors emphasize the technology needed to convey information needed in organizations.

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Are you interested in enhancing your undergraduate degree by adding in some computing skills? You should check out any number of our minors available. 

Computer Science Minor – The CS minor introduces students to software development.

Computer Engineering Minor – An excellent choice for engineering and computer science majors who seek additional understanding of the design of computer hardware.

Cybersecurity Minor -  

Data Science Minor – A cross Statistics/Computer Science minor to deepen understanding of data analysis.

Health Care Information Systems Minor – The HIS minor prepares future health professionals with a strong foundation in information technology as it relates to healthcare.

Information Security Systems (ISS) – This minor is designed to provide students with a foundation related to the principles of information security.

Information Systems Minor – A strong compliment for business majors who want to understand how business decisions influence information management.

Information Technology Minor – For students who want a practical introduction to computing concepts including networks, databases, and computer programming.

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