Mission & Values

MAK Hall


The mission of the School of Computing is to provide the GVSU student community with the intellectual foundations and experiences necessary to use information technology effectively in their chosen careers.

To enable students to attain this goal, the Computing faculty have two primary responsibilities. First, we will offer a solid conceptual foundation required for a career in information technology. Second, we will provide direct, experiential knowledge of the technology necessary to be a productive user/producer of information technology.

To achieve these goals we:

  • Work continuously to keep our curriculum relevant to our mission.
  • Ensure that work-relevant experience is part of every class.
  • Establish and nurture industrial contacts.
  • Establish an integrated, supported co-op experience for computing majors.
  • Provide all students, regardless of their major interests, fundamental knowledge of computers and information processing.


For information on our program objectives and outcomes check out our Student Learning Outcomes website.

Page last modified March 10, 2022