Your Support and Engagement Make a Difference!

Please consider helping the GVSU School of Computing provide a high-quality learning experience for today’s students—and tomorrow’s professionals—by sharing your treasures through financial support.

While we are fortunate to have several scholarship funds that have been established to maintain the special elements of our programs, help support our continued growth, and assist our students, the School of Computing is currently only able to support about 10% of our students. In times of ever-rising education costs, your support could help us grow these funds, support many more students, and provide the same outstanding experience each of our alumni had while studying at GVSU.

Search for scholarships for which you feel the greatest connection through the Find a Fund web page, or follow the program-specific links below.

Listed below is several of the Computing specific funds you can donate to.


Computing and Information Scholarship Fund (Endowed)

Supports Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Systems and Information Technology majors by honoring students for outstanding performance, as well as support outstanding entering freshman.

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School of Computing First-Year Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships are available to a limited number of incoming first-year students who have indicated an interest in majoring in either computer science, cybersecurity, information systems, or information technology. These scholarships are available to a select group of students who meet the minimum requirements. The scholarship is dependent on maintaining certain academic standards while at GVSU.

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Computing and Information Systems Student Experience Support Fund

Supports enhancements to CIS students’ experience through student development, faculty development, and equipment support.

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Applied Computing Institute

The GVSU Applied Computing Institute is based upon well-established PCEC competencies in computing, experiential learning, and industry collaboration with the aim of further enriching learning opportunities for GVSU students, while simultaneously providing key industry partners access to faculty and student expertise in computer science and related disciplines. For more information on the ACI please check out their website.

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Eric Maino Community Technology Award Endowment (Endowed)

This endowment was created by our IS graduate Eric Maino, who is now a Principal Lead Engineer at Microsoft. The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students pursuing careers in computer science and information systems or those striving to integrate new technology in their chosen field.

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Eric Jon Gillette Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Endowed)

The purpose of this scholarship is to continue Eric’s memory by providing financial support to students with financial need who are completing an undergraduate degree in computer science or information systems.

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Windstream Technology Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to provide opportunities for students pursuing a Masters in Computer Information Systems at GVSU.

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