Combined Degree Programs

Qualified undergraduates may be admitted to a combined bachelor’s/master’s program and obtain both a B.S. and an M.S. within an accelerated time frame. Students being admitted to these programs will dual count up to 12 credits of graduate work in satisfaction of the requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degree. After completing 120 credits and all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 21 graduate credits must be completed after the 120 credits of the bachelor’s degree. All other master’s degree requirements must be met, including a graduate capstone course. The following combined degree programs are available within the College of Computing.

Computer Science B.S. / Applied Computer Science M.S.
Computer Science B.S. / Cybersecurity M.S.
Computer Science B.S. / Data Science and Analytics M.S.
Cybersecurity B.S. and M.S.
Information Systems B.S. / Applied Computer Science M.S.
Information Systems B.S. / Cybersecurity M.S.
Information Technology B.S. / Cybersecurity M.S.
Computer Engineering B.S.E. / Applied Computer Science M.S.

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