Through our civic engagement, Grand Valley State University works to increase the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation of our students, faculty, and staff to act on issues of personal and public concern in ways that are both individually enriching and beneficial to the community. We strive to coordinate, facilitate, and support engagement efforts that are reciprocal, mutually beneficial, and asset-based, with the university and community working together to solve public problems.

Our civic engagement efforts bring diverse university offices together to prepare students to be active citizens in their lives, professions, and societies. This website offers community partners, students, faculty/staff, and alumni a portal to many of these GVSU offices. However, if you are seeking personalized navigation of GVSU contacts and resources regarding engagement, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Community partners and faculty/staff: Suzeanne Benet at benets@gvsu.edu

Students: Liz Collver, 616-331-3471, or collverl@gvsu.edu

Alumni: 616-331-3590 or alumni@gvsu.edu  


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