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GWM Region's Commitment

Note: this statement was updated in response to input from our stakeholders.  We thank those who provided insight and welcome continued feedback.

We at the Greater West Michigan (GWM) Region of the MiSTEM Network extend our support for educators fighting structural racism in the US daily. We have all witnessed the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Our hearts grieve for their families and the Black community as well as countless other victims of violence. We acknowledge that for people of color in our nation, this violence is not new, but ongoing.

At this time, we are strengthening our commitment to fight for a more just society. To us, good teaching is inclusive of students who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Anti-racist curriculum and pedagogy are central to an equity-focused teaching approach. Moving forward we commit to our community that we will:

  • Highlight the work of STEM educators and professionals who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • Share activities and teaching practices built on culturally responsive pedagogies that promote authentic engagement and rigor

The Equity Resources for STEM and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources for the STEM Workforce pages and our Twitter and Facebook pages are a beginning that we will continue to build upon.

-Ginger, Diane, & Olga

System Components

Making Michigan a Leader in STEM Education

The MiSTEM Network – which is connecting education, business and community partners across the state – is working to transform the way Michigan does STEM.

Established by the Michigan Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (MiSTEM) Advisory Council, the MiSTEM Network is a new vision for inspiring 21st-century, STEM-equipped students, educators and workers.

Through 16 regional hubs focused on identifying and addressing STEM education needs across the state, we support opportunities for every student to experience project-based learning that allows them to use STEM skills to address authentic challenges in their communities.

“Our plan is for every K-12 student and educator in Michigan to have access to inspiring STEM learning opportunities that will not only spark creativity, but also cultivate an innovative workforce for tomorrow.” – Megan Schrauben, executive director

MiSTEM State Network Logo

Vision and Mission

Be the catalyst for equitable access and engagement in authentic STEM experiences in every community in Michigan.

Michigan is home to a generation of innovators who create more inclusive and prosperous businesses and communities.

Who We Are
The MiSTEM Network builds and mobilizes committed networks of collaborators across Michigan to broaden the STEM ecosystem and embrace learning experiences beyond the physical classroom.

What We Do
We provide real-world connections between school, the workplace and our communities.

  • Responding to data
  • Partnering with business and education
  • Empowering STEM teachers
  • Ensuring high-quality STEM experiences in and out of school

By increasing STEM engagement in all Michigan communities, we will transform the culture of STEM, creating sustainable pathways and careers to cultivate an innovative workforce of the future.

Visit the state MiSTEM Network website

Our work revolves around four pillars

MiSTEM Pillars

Create a STEM Culture: by using a systemic approach to enable community engagement, experiential learning, place-based education and by building capacity in our leaders, teachers and learners to create solutions to real-world situations.

Empower STEM Teachers: ​by creating opportunities for professional development, capacity building and support, and by connecting teachers with community partnerships that enable a diverse array of STEM-related engagement.

Integrate Business and Education: by bringing leaders together, establishing a common language, co-designing multidisciplinary real-world projects, and by providing authentic learning opportunities to help train a robust and diverse STEM literate workforce.

Ensure High-Quality STEM Experiences: that focus on real-world situations, immerses students in place-based, hands-on, experiential open-ended exploration, engages students in productive teamwork and integrates rigorous math and science content where failure is seen as a necessary part of the learning process.

Our Projects

STEM Networked Improvement Community

The STEM Networked Improvement Community is a group that is focusing on exploring how we might develop students’ identities as collaborative problem-finders/solvers and innovators.  We want to design experiences that result in students believing “We can solve problems collaboratively right here in my community, right now using what we know.


STEM Workforce

The Department of Technology, Management, and Budget and the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives publish Michigan's Career Outlook Through 2028.  Check out the STEM High-Demand, High-Wage Occupations that are listed in the brochure.

Career Outlook Through 2028

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers include a wide variety of job titles within fields such as engineering, health care, and the physical and social sciences. Preparing the workforce for current and future openings in these jobs is an important part of keeping Michigan’s economy competitive in a global labor market. This issue of  Michigan's Labor Market News describes and explains STEM employment and the STEM talent pipeline in Michigan.

Thumbnail Michigan Labor Market News Vol 75

Gordon Food Service Spotlight

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is committed to finding and developing leaders who have the skills to serve a diverse workforce and customer markets.

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OST is an integrated, cross-functional business technology firm bringing together strategy & insights, digital experiences, connected products, data center transformation and enterprise managed services.

Proctor & Gamble Spotlight

Proctor & Gamble

P&G is a Company that believes in diversity and inclusion. With more than 140 nationalities represented in their workforce, diversity helps them reflect and win with the consumers they serve around the world.

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