Welcome to the Family Owned Business Institute.

The Family Owned Business Institute mission is to champion and serve family owned businesses through scholarship, education and advocacy.

In September 1999, the Seidman College of Business and the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce (working with its Family-Owned Business Council) raised $301,000 from a salute to Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. This became the seed money for the Family Owned Business Institute, housed at the downtown campus of Grand Valley State University.

STEP Survey

As family business leader, you know that the only things that are certain in your lives are changes and challenges. We would like to ask you to help us gather relevant information based on your current experiences that could provide answers and guidance for other family businesses around the world also experiencing these challenges.

Please take the STEP Project Survey to provide valuable feedback about your experiences. It will take 15 minutes, is confidential, and will not identify any individual business in subsequent reporting.

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