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The Koeze Business Ethics Initiative (KBEI) examines the role and influence of business in public life with an eye to fostering discussion and collaboration. A program within Grand Valley State University’s Seidman College of Business, the KBEI is a leading resource for businesspersons, students, faculty and administrators who seek to understand the relationship between business, the common good and a life well-lived. The KBEI promotes inquiry into ethical business practices and education with the understanding that much of West Michigan’s success comes from a mindset where businesses strive to remain locally owned, to collaborate and to cultivate philanthropic interests within the community.

The Koeze Business Ethics Initiative maintains a focus on the influence and ethos of locally-owned businesses, but also includes public talks from prominent national thinkers, diverse panel discussions, consulting activities, curriculum initiatives, a faculty lunch series, international conference presentations, research, and student-centered events. Under its current director Professor Michael DeWilde, the Initiative focuses primarily on four areas of inquiry:

  • The values and psychology of family-owned businesses;
  • Ethics in health care with a special emphasis on ethics at the end of life;
  • The development, sustainability and transmission of social capital and its relation to civic well-being;
  • The understanding and use of behavioral ethics (moral psychology, neuroethics, etc.) in promoting innovative, affective business education and consulting.

KBEI Staff

The Emphatic Neural Network

KBEI Role Playing Series

Age Discrimination

Aging, uh, Gracefully?  Dr. Alejandro Quiroga, president of Corewell Health West, takes on an organization's responsibilities to employees who are wrestling with end of career issues. 

Internship Problems Part 1

Internship Problems.  Students Andrea Zorilla and Carson Weed tackle a couple of unfortunately common problems as work begins.

Personal Distress

Personal Distress.  Jeff Koeze, owner of the Koeze Company, talks with Prof. DeWilde about employees who are going through difficult times.

KBEI Webinars

The Purpose of the University - Part 1


The Purpose of the University - Part 2

The Purpose of the University Part Two

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