The Koeze Business Ethics Initiative (KBEI) has as its mission to examine the role and influence of business in public life, to promote inquiry into ethical business practices and education, and to be a leading resource for business professionals, students, faculty, and administrators who seek to understand the relationship between business, the common good, and a life well-lived.

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How Much Science Should a Manager Know? - Seidman Business Review

How Much Science Should a Manager Know? - Seidman Business Review

Human behavior can at times be a mystery to us all. Given the tremendous increase in knowledge about human behavior, even human nature, over the past thirty years, should we be educating managers to be more conversant with the scientific literature?

Apr 19, 2023

Dr. Alejandro Quiroga: Our Executive-in-Residence through 2023

Dr. Alejandro Quiroga: Our Executive-in-Residence through 2023

The KBEI is pleased to announce that Dr. Alejandro Quiroga, the President of Corewell Health West, is our Executive-in-Residence through 2023.

Sep 11, 2022

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The Purpose of the University - Part 1

- Andrew Spear Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, GVSU
- Alisha Davis, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for the Social Justice Centers and Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, GVSU
- Dwayne Tunstall, Ph.D., Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, GVSU

Moderator: Michael DeWilde, Director, Koeze Business Ethics Initiative and Professor of Management, Seidman College of Business, GVSU


NYU professor Jonathan Haidt, author of The Coddling of the American Mind, among other works, gave a talk at Duke University in 2016 arguing that a university can have only "one telos," or purpose, and that we find ourselves in an age where the traditional purpose of a university - the pursuit of truth - is being eclipsed by another "sacred value," that of social justice. While of course not opposed to social justice, Haidt does conclude that in the end making it the central value of a university is harmful to all involved. He implicates that pursuit in a number of ills, among them plummeting trust in universities and the erosion of academic freedom. 

On March 30, 2023, three GVSU professors and administrators joined Michael DeWilde, the director of the Koeze Business Ethics Initiative (the KBEI) at the Seidman College of Business, to discuss Haidt’s points.

Andrea Zorrilla
April 19, 2023

Does Free Speech Need Limits? A Debate on How Free Speech Should Be Understood in Our Times

Nathan Goetting, JD, Abigail DeHart, JD, and John Uglietta, PhD, JD, debate the state of free speech in light of calls to limit it from both the right and the left. Prof. Goetting, former editor of The National Lawyers Guild Review, has recently published what he calls a "radical defense" of free speech in Discourse Magazine. Professor Uglietta, Chair of Grand Valley's philosophy dept., and Abigail DeHart, former clerk for the Ninth Circuit and currently with a prominent DC law firm, will take up Goetting's arguments and add their own.

October 14, 2022

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