The CECI Fellowship

We are pausing all peer-mentor pairing at this time. Please stay tuned for the relaunch of our CECI Fellowship! Our relaunch goal is Fall 2024. 

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Join our peer mentor program!

Our peer mentor program is designed to provide leadership for participants in the College of Education and Community Innovation with the following programs: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Social Work, Legal Studies, Public, Non-profit, and Health Administration, and Criminal Justice. CECI Fellows Mentors assist in supporting new GVSU students (First-Year and Transfer Students) as they navigate Grand Valley and learn about their major. 

What is it?

Our Vision

The CECI Fellowship is a peer mentor initiative, designed to create and maintain a community for participating CECI students. The primary goal is to provide empathetic and empowering support through relationships among experienced and novice college students, while also supporting a sense of community, opportunities for professional development, and ways to prepare for post-graduation.

Our Learning Objectives

Students participating in our CECI Fellowship will experience an increase in self-efficacy (“I believe I can reach my goals”), self-motivation/determination (“I want to achieve my goals for myself”), self-awareness (“I know what I want to achieve and why”), and sense of belonging (“I feel included, accepted, and valuable to my community”). 

How does it work?

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Prepared and Paired

All Mentees are paired with a CECI Fellows Mentor through a sensitive match-making process. When matching you with a peer mentor, we consider things like academic program, hometown/home region, and areas of interest/future career goals. Mentors and mentees are supported by a team of professionals in the CECI Office of Undergraduate Advising to ensure the most positive and productive relationships. 

The CECI Fellows Mentors aim to be --


Experienced Advocates

Mentors are excited to share their experiences and wisdom with you as you move through your first year in one of our CECI programs. Your peer mentor has done it before and wants to pay it forward to you: this includes connecting you to academic and personal support services, helping you with study habits and time management skills, joining you at program or professional events, and supporting you in connecting to faculty in your program.

Empathetic Friends

Mentors are kind and enthusiastic students who want to be a positive relationship for you on campus. Your peer mentor wants you to feel included and valued: this includes listening actively to your hopes, concerns, and questions; centering your needs above their own; treating you with respect and dignity in all characteristics of yourself and identity. 

Passionate Professionals

Mentors are preparing for the future just like you! Your peer mentor will walk alongside you as you navigate your program: this includes picking the right classes for your program and areas of interest, checking out and securing internships or jobs, and strategizing with each other about your futures as post-graduate professionals. 

We are pausing all peer-mentor pairing at this time. Please stay tuned for the relaunch of our CECI Fellowship! Our relaunch goal is Fall 2024. 

Become a CECI Fellows Mentor

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In order to qualify for a mentorship role in the CECI Fellowship, you must have the following requirements met:

  • Have declared your major (HTM, SW, PNHA, LS or CJ) for at least 1 year
  • Demonstrate knowledge of campus and community resources
  • Demonstrate knowledge of major courses and programs
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • Provide a current resume and a letter of interest
  • Provide 2 Professional or Academic References


  • Mentor students 
  • Refer students to appropriate university resources
  • Refer students to CECI advisors for academic planning
  • Meet with mentees 1-2 times a month
  • Provide regular written documentation of interaction with mentees
  • Regularly attend CECI Advising Events
  • Connect with your supervisor at least 1 time a month


Mentors in the CECI Fellowship will be asked to wear many hats as they personalize their approach to mentorship. We expect them to act as a guide, ambassador, advocate, friend, and reference as they relate to the individual needs of their mentee. When selecting mentors, we look for the following qualities:


Exhibits the ability to or interest in centering the needs and identity of their mentee when developing the mentor-mentee relationship


Respects the experiences and knowledge of their mentee, regarding their own experiences and knowledge as a toolkit in service of the mentee.


Treats others with dignity and honors the unique and valuable qualities of people regardless of commonalities or differences. 


Exudes a high level of enthusiasm as it relates to their own lives, the lives of their mentees, and the ways in which folks navigate college and post-college life.


Demonstrates a high level of curiosity in their approach to facilitating and maintaining relationships with college students. This role requires a lot of learning; therefore, being of curious mind lends itself well to the responsibility to learn. 


Displays a level of assertiveness that supports their role in the mentor-mentee relationship. This role requires a lot of proactive behavior; being assertive lends itself well to the responsibility to guide and support others.

For more information about CECI Advising, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (616) 331-6890

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