Psychology Career Guide

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Past Internship Sites:

  • Bethany Christian Services
  • Center for Women in Transition
  • Mary Free Bed
  • Allendale Public Schools
  • Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
  • Amway Hotel Corporation
  • 20th Circuit Court
  • Kent County Juvenile Detention Center

Where Alumni Have Landed

  • Family Service Worker – Head Start for Kent County
  • CLS Mentor – Indian Trails Camp
  • Project Coordinator – nexVortex
  • Youth Supports Coordinator – Muskegon Community Mental Health
  • Mental Health Worker – Forest View Hospital
  • Human Resources Assistant – Deer Valley Ski Resort
  • Medical Sales Assistant – Paragon 28
  • Direct Line Therapist – Building Bridges
  • Service Specialist – State Farm Insurance
  • Senior Associate of Community Investment – United Way
  • Clinical Program Manager – Hope Network
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Americorps
  • Financial Counselor – United Way
  • People Services Generalist – National Heritage Academies
  • Consumer Relations – Wolverine Worldwide
  • Crisis Aide – Every Woman’s Place
  • Employment Specialist – Goodwill Industries
  • Foster Home Developer – Orchards Children’s Services
  • Child Welfare Worker – State of Michigan
  • MedNow Specialist – Spectrum Health


Elizabeth Buchanan '18 Spotlight

Elizabeth Buchanan '18

Talking walks every night in the spring of freshman year...once it started to warm up. A group of us (4-8 of us) would always go for long walks on campus. It was always so peaceful and quiet until we made it loud.

Katrina Begrow '18 Spotlight

Katrina Begrow '18

My favorite memory was my final presentation for my Advertising Capstone. My group gave a FLAWLESS presentation to our clients. I never felt more on top of my game than at that moment. I was so proud of myself and my group.

Alexis Gerard '19 Spotlight

Alexis Gerard '19

I loved being involved in dance troupe while in undergrad. Being able to choreograph and lead such a wonderful organization helped me build close friendships and is where I found my place at GV.

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Student Organizations to Consider

  • Psi Chi – National Honor Society for students in Psychology
  • Psychology Club – In partnership with Psi Chi

Study Abroad Programs

Imagine yourself studying psychology in Vienna, Austria, the hometown of famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, arguably one of the most influential contributors to the field itself.  Explore the history and development of the field from a truly unique vantage point that will distinguish you from your classmates. Gain the opportunity to take interesting classes that Grand Valley doesn’t offer, such as, The Psychology of CrisisMusic and the Mind, or The Neuroscience of Fear, just to name a couple.  You may also pursue internships such as Autism Care in Australia or Substance Abuse Services in New Zealand.  You will be able to work toward the completion of your major/minor from nearly anywhere in the world and undoubtedly add a life-changing experience to your resume.   

Develop some of these technical and professional competencies to be successful:

  • Research
  • Understanding human behavior
  • Academic writing
  • Problem-solving
  • Analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information
  • Interpersonal awareness
  • Basic statistical analysis
  • Understanding of psychological theories and the history of psychology

Graduate and Professional Programs

Undergraduate psychology majors are able to pursue a variety of graduate degrees. Below are a few examples:

  • Master of Social Work
  • Master in Counseling
  • Master/Ph.D. in Psychology
  • Psy.D. in Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Law School

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