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Thank you for your interest in listing job opportunities at Grand Valley State University. Posting your opportunities through our online recruiting system, Handshake, makes your listing accessible to all GVSU students and alumni – and it’s fast, easy and free!

Job Posting Standards

In order to post and have your listing approved by the GVSU Career Center, employers and postings must comply with the following standards:

  • Provide complete organizational contact information (organization name, address, organization URL, organization description, contact name, organizational email address for contact, contact phone number).
  • Adhere to NACE Professional Standards for University Relations & Recruiting.
  • Conform to applicable Equal Opportunity Employment laws and related legislation.
  • Postings with expiration dates more than one-year after the initial posting date will not be approved.
  • To ensure maximum exposure, we recommend expiration dates between two-weeks and six-months from the initial posting date.
  • No fees of any kind may be charged to students or alumni.
  • Internship or work opportunities for positions in which students will possess, use, or distribute federally illegal cannabis products (contains > 0.3% THC) will not be posted or approved (view policy).

Posting Resources

Page last modified February 21, 2024