SAGE-Students for Aging and Gerontology Enrichment

SAGE is created to provide a platform on GVSU campus to promote the understanding of aging and intergenerational integration to enrich the lives of both older adults from our community and students at GVSU.

Specifically, SAGE is here to

  1. Provide students opportunities to explore the journey of aging through interacting with older adults from our community in the form of volunteering and mentoring or co-mentoring activities.
  2. Create learning opportunities for students who are interested in aging to grow in their passion by exposing them new research development and how the science of aging can be used to improve the quality of life as people age.
  3. Serve as a platform for students to discuss issues that concern the aging population, explore ways to build meaning and long-term intergenerational relationships, and contribute to the effort of building an age-friendly society.

If you are a student interested in being part of Grand Connections, please click on the button on the right and fill out the sign-up form.  We will follow up with you about the next steps of getting involved in the Grand Connections program.

Page last modified December 7, 2023