Internships and Co-operative Education

Providing internship and co-operative education experiences allows you to involve students in meaningful and productive work, while energizing your organization with fresh, new and creative ideas.  Student interns are up to date on the latest theories and patterns in their particular field of interest and can help bring exiting change to your organization.  Internship programs are also cost effective for employers, as many organizations recruit new full-time employees from their pool of interns. 

What is an Internship?
An internship is a supervised work experience directly related to an academic discipline. The internship may be full or part time and may or may not be a paid work experience. An internship typically lasts for one semester. Internships are available in most GVSU majors.

What is Co-operative Education?
Co-operative education is a work training program for specified GVSU majors, including the School of Engineering and Hospitality & Tourism Management. Co-ops are a specific type of work training experience in which students have at least two full- or part-time supervised paid work experiences related to their major, each lasting at least one semester. The co-op programs are specifically designated by the academic department.

Engineering Co-op Resources

HTM Internship Resources

Employer Internship Guide

The following information is provided to assist with general considerations when building an internship program.

Internship Resources

 If you would like additional information regarding internship programs, please contact Kristie Scanlon at [email protected] or (616) 331-6708. 

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Internships are instrumental in helping students achieve their post graduation goals. Help support those who are completing an unpaid experience through this scholarship!

This fund helps to offset the costs for students in unpaid internships.

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