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Listed below are our writing center's helpful handouts on general writing issues, concerns, or strategies. We dedicate a lot of time and energy into keeping these updated, relevant, and helpful as often as we can - therefore, there may be changes or additions to your favorite handouts! Check them out, and enjoy. Feel free to:

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If you see one with an * next to its title, that means the handout is available as a multi-modal handout (it could have a comic, be an illustrated form, or be graphically communicative in another way). 

Form: Genre & Parts of Papers

These handouts will address questions regarding the content expected in certain genres (resumes, narratives, etc.) and what components must/should be included (titles, headings, etc.). 

Abstracts *

Annotated Bibliography

Argumentative Papers: Persuading Your Reader *

Biology Lab Reports

Essay Tests, Tips for Taking


Introductions & Conclusions *

Narratives-General *

Response Papers

Review Essay

Speech Language Pathology - Personal Statement

Team Writing the Group Paper

Thesis Statement  *


Transitions *


Clarity: Grammar & Punctuation

These handouts will address questions regarding the editing & revising process. 

Active & Passive Voice *

Apostrophes *

Bias-Free Language


Commas *

Confused Words


Pronoun Use: You-Attitude

Run-On Sentences

Sentence Fragments

The Colon

The Semi-colon*

Types of Sentences


Style: Citations & Formatting

These links and handouts will help you compose/convert your paper into a designated style (APA, MLA, & Chicago).

APA Formatting Help - Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

MLA Formatting Help - Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Chicago 17th Edition Formatting Help - Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Formatting Different Page Numbers by Section in Word

Samples: Shapes of Common Papers

These documents can give you an idea for the shape and form of common papers, assignments, and projects. 

Academic Cover Letter

Annotated Bibliography MLA

APA Basic Paper - Cover Page & Abstract


MLA Basic Paper - Front Page

Professional Letter





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