Types of Sentences


Sentence - a unit of language that is marked by a capital letter at the beginning and final punctuation at the end (a period, an exclamation point, or a question mark). In English, a sentence is as simple as a subject and a verb, but it could be as complex as containing multiple clauses and many units of punctuation (commas, colons, semicolon, dashes, quotation marks, etc.). 

  • Example: The tree is alive.
  • Example: The tree, which grows taller every year, is alive and well this summer season; however, it hasn't rained yet this month, and I fear it will not do well with a longer drought. 

Clause - a unit of language that is contained by punctuation. There are two types of clauses: independent and dependent

  • Independent clause - a unit of language that contains a subject and a verb, which therefore, can act as a complete simple sentence. 
    • The tree is a live.
    • The tree [...] is alive and well this summer season.
    • It hasn't rained yet this month.
    • I fear it will not do well with a longer drought.
  • Dependent clause - a unit of language that cannot exist on its own because it acts as a modifying component to an independent clause.
    • ...which grows taller every year...

The Four Types of Sentences


A simple sentence contains one independent clause with no dependent clause.

  • Example: The sky is blue.
  • Example: Her hair is brown.
  • Example: It was a great day.


compound sentence contains multiple independent clauses but not dependent clauses. Independent clauses can be joined in two main ways:

  1. by a comma and a coordinating conjunction
    1. Michigan's capital is Lansing, and its state bird is the robin. 
    2. Michigan's capital is Lansing, but its most populous area is Detroit.
  2. by a semi-colon
    1. Michigan's capital is Lansing; its state bird is the robin.
    2. Michigan's capital is Lansing; its most populous area, however, is Detroit


complex sentence contains an independent clause with at least one dependent clause

  • Example: Grand Valley, which is a liberal arts university, offers students a diverse learning experience.
  • Example: At Grand Valley, students can take a wide variety of classes before they graduate.
  • Example: Even if it means prolonging graduation, many students try out a couple of majors before picking one.


The compound-complex sentence contains multiple independent clauses and at least one dependent clause

  • Example: English sentences come in a variety of forms, which can sometimes be really difficult to learn, especially if one is an adult, yet the complexity of the language makes it really beautiful. 

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